You could have a sales funnel up & making money, faster than you think.

If you want to book more clients, can we talk for a sec?

If you want to get your first sales funnel out there…  

If you want to have an easy way to create an automated client acquisition funnel, any time you want… 

If you want to fill your days with more ease and freedom - where people buy from you without you constantly working… 

... then you could probably use a system that makes getting clients online as easy as possible.

For the most part, making a sales funnel isn’t hard to do. What’s hard is the overwhelm, indecision and stuckness that happens when you’re not sure what to say so people buy, what piece goes where (or when your brain says... “eh do I even need a funnel because it all seems so damn hard!”). 

Would you like to start getting clients this weekend? 

Would you love to have a clear and simple pathway for your 1-to-1 or group programs, one so perfect that setting it ALL up only takes a couple of days?  

You can have exactly that. (even if you’ve never made a funnel before.)  

You could have a profitable funnel outlined, created and ready to sell in just 48 hours.  

I’ve put together an entire tool kit to help you do just that.  

It’s called The 48 Hour Funnel.  

Wanna see how it works?  



But first...a confession.  

I didn’t always have clients coming in consistently (Oy vey, I cringe at my early days of total confusion!).  

For the first year of my biz, I worked day and night hustling to get every client I possibly could in the door. I did webinars, guest blogging, facebook group stalking and passed out biz cards at local networking events. I even posted on craigslist looking for clients (that was fun).  

Honestly...I was desperate (and determined) to figure this whole thing out. 

And it was exhausting.  

Those months were awful! It was hard frickin work and I was constantly jealous of the women I knew making money (a lot of it) at this whole online thing... but no one was talking about how it all flowed together and the main thing...uhhhh how am I suppose to sustain this level of work and effort - especially with very little results?  


I finally broke down and paid someone a LOT of money to learn everything I could about automation, funnels, facebook ads and launching.

3 months later I was one of those annoying girls in front of the eiffel tower saying “yaaaaasss work from wherever”.

That’s what ONE good funnel can do for you. For your biz. For your life.  

Did you know the average millionaire has seven streams of income? That’s another way of saying she’s got seven funnels that bring her money day after day.  


The 48 hr Funnel is going to show you the process I use to make simple, easy-to-finish profitable funnels that bring your ideal clients in the door. 


Setting up a simple, profitable sales funnel quickly has never been easier.

The 48 hr funnel has everything you need to quickly map out your unique process for taking a person on the interwebs from stranger to paying client or customer in 2 days or less…*giving you a HIGHLY profitable system that won’t take you foreva to set up.

This simple process works - and you’ll see the proof in action, because I’ve included walkthroughs of the entire process for 3 popular different businesses (biz coach, law of attraction coach, health coach).


Your Starting Point: The Sales Funnel Prep Kit

You'll start your 48-hour funnel experience with the starter kit - a simple straightforward mini training that tells you exactly how to create the kind of simple sales funnel that people love to buy from without thinking twice.

Inside the prep kit I'll tell you about:

  • What makes a sales funnel work and the big mistakes people make that cost them money and time - plus the best funnel to create first for your specific business  
  • The easy path to tech - and how to have your sales pages and emails practically write themselves  
  • 4 expert extras - Specific places in your business where you can build strong relationships with people who find you online so you can stop worrying about the competition and position yourself as the leader in your field.
  •  Real pricing structures - how to set the best price range for your value pyramid - based on your monetary goals, whether it’s 1k or 10k a month in income.

Next Up:

The 48 HR Funnel Action Plan & Workbook

Inside the 48 hour funnel Workbook + Workshop I’ll walk you through the simple, 3-step process that will unlock your ability to map out an easy-to-market funnel your audience looooves to buy from.

No matter what industry you’re in – and no matter what you’re selling – the action plan will help you implement and GET SH!T DONE:

  • Position your offer with a market-ready "I want that outcome" formula 
  • Pick your biz structure from a selection of 4 popular funnels for different biz phases  
  • Outline your funnel pyramid - from start to finish - in less than 30 minutes 
  • Choose your bonuses so that saying yes is a "no brainer"
  • Inside the resources library you’ll see plug-n-play templates with outlines custom-designed for coaches, consultants, bloggers and professional service providers.


    ​​​​The Lightening-Fast Facebook Ads Creation Guide

    Want to cut the time it takes to get your ad DONE by 70% (or more?)

    This detailed guide will give you my best strategies for minimizing the amount of time it takes to create an ad that brings traffic to your funnel - without feeling like you’re wasting a ton of cash (or even a little bit of cash).

    Hint: You can use these strategies to cut the time it takes to make video ads, too. 🙂

    ​​​​Video Ads Workshop 

    If you feel terrified or stuck at what to say on camera then this bonus training will help you become a total pro. 🙂

    You'll get a simple, step-by-step roadmap of what to say in various video ads all you'll have to do is fill in the blanks, and you can generate dozens of ideas.

    You could batch record your ideas in an hour and have enough content to grow your audience all month. 

    3 "Power Packs" To Help You With Upsells, Downsells & Evergreen Funnels

    I want you to have a system that brings in money week after week - so you'll also get three unique "power packs" that will build on what you learn in the 48 Hr Funnel system.

    Using these action guides, you can set up a storefront full of all the products & &ervices you'll need to hit your income goals each month - and you'll know that your pricing, positioning and sales processes are set up "just right". 

    Nine Reasons Why Now Is The PERFECT Time
    To Pick Up The 48 HR Funnel…

    If you want to start booking your first clients… 

    Whether you’re brand new online or have been throwing spaghetti at the wall for months to no avail. You know you have something awesome to offer the world but no idea how to make the impact you desire. You’ll love how simple getting clients becomes when you use the 48hr funnel formula."

    If you want a list that buys from you  

    Few things are more frustrating than having a list of people who never buy. Your list is the main way you make money online so getting them use to buying from you right off the bat has major benefits and sets your biz up for the fast path to cash

    If you want to boost passive income 

    A biz without systems can never grow beyond the hours you’re able to put in. The 48 hr funnel automates the way you get your clients so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

    If you want to get more buyers from existing traffic  

    The 48 hr funnel will maximize the traffic you get to your website or sales pages whether you use pinterest, facebook, instagram or some other form of lead generation. Without a funnel in place you’re not making as much as you’re capable of...

    If you want to establish yourself as an expert  

    You know the saying you cant make a first impression twice. Those first few emails you send to someone who has justmet you are where you get to establish not only psychological triggers like reciprocity but also elevate your status in their minds eye so they feel connected to you and your mission.

    If you want your marketing to be way easier  

    The funnel I teach you to set up in 48 hours can be used for more than one on one services. Once you set up one funnel - you’ll have the system in place to do it again and again

    If you want to get more referrals

    There is a built in referral system with the 48 hr funnel formula. If you have 10 clients who refer one person each you’ve doubled your money. Referrals are worth ere’thang.

    If you want to cut your workweek in half…

    Make double while working half the time. That was my goal in my second year of biz and funnels made it happen.

    If you want more people buying from you…  

    A business without the right lead magnet will always struggle to bring clients in the door. You’ll learn what your freebie needs to convert consistently and how to ensure it creates hunger for your paid offering.


    There are so many reasons to get the 48 HR Funnel – what’s yours?

    "Grew my list by over 50% and sold my first package within days of my ad being launched...”  

    Whether you’re brand new online or have been throwing spaghetti at the wall for months to no avail. You know you have something awesome to offer the world but no idea how to make the impact you desire. You’ll love how simple getting clients becomes when you use the 48hr funnel formula."

    "Sold out 19 seats!! And a 37k launch this month…You ROCK!” 

    “Your copywriting and marketing skills afabiolare amazing, Carla. We sold out 19 seats for Hustle Fearlessly!! I’m so happy about that and couldn’t have hit those numbers without you. Working with you is the best. Thank you for your help… You ROCK!!"

    "Had my first $6,100 dollar day and sold out my class!”  

    I sold out my class this Spring and had my first $6,100 dollar day working with Carla. She’s made a huge difference in my business success. Don’t hesitate to work with her…she’s brilliant!

    4 Clients In Less Than A Month!”  

    In my first 2 weeks with Carla I closed my first paid coaching client ever! 2 weeks later… got my first 90 day client! I’ve developed my offers AND I’ve booked 4 clients in less than a month! I’ve gotten more “ish” done in the past 6 weeks working with Carla than in the last 9 months working alone. Investing in myself was the best decision I’ve ever made….and it continues to pay off. So grateful!

    "I quickly saw results and a 30% increase in leads in the first week!” 

    Carla is amazing at what she does. After our session together, I had super clarity on exactly what to do with my Facebook ad. She helped me move my ad mayafrom so-so to amazing!! I quickly saw results and a 30% increase in leads in the first week! I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking to learn about Facebook ads and take them to the next level

    Your Happiness Guarantee

    If 48 hour funnel isn’t the right fit for you, send me an email within 7 days of purchase, and I’ll cheerfully give you your money back. 100% baby!

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