I quickly saw results and a 30% increase in leads in the first week!

10411279_602298469870362_911029172872418115_n“Carla is amazing at what she does. After our session together, I had super clarity on exactly what to do with my Facebook ad. She helped me move my ad from so-so to amazing!! I quickly saw results and a 30% increase in leads in the first week! I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking to learn about Facebook ads and take them to the next level.”



[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]I’ve now had my work featured several times and am a regular contributor for The Huffington Post (which has led to other opportunities)![/pullquote]Working with Carla was a dream come true. In one hour she showed me step-by-step how to submit myself for the Huffington Post and held me committed to following through. I’ve now had my work featured several times and am a regular contributor for The Huffington Post (which has led to other opportunities)! All because of my work with Carla. I gladly recommend her to my friends. She’s intuitive, kind and brilliant! If you’re searching for a coach, look no further…Just do it! She will change your life!! – Lisa Konzcal Writer & Photographer at Verite Creative


Cynthia Baltimore-Hutson

Just closed my first coaching client! 2 weeks later got my first 90 day client!  I’ve developed my offers AND I’ve booked 4 clients in less than a month. I’ve gotten more “ish” done in the past 6 weeks working with Carla than in the last 9 months working alone. So thankful for you!

– Cynthia Hutson – Women’s Empowerment Coach at www.cynthiahutson.com



PictureI had zero hesitations in working with Carla after meeting her at a local women’s event.

In less than a month of our working together I have a new website ready to launch, with so much more copy than I would’ve done on my own. I have my first talk in the works, a 28 day program created, I’ve signed on to do webinars and have reached out to people that would’ve taken me a lot longer on my own. 

I feel like I have direction and focus now instead of being so overwhelmed. Carla is SO freaking helpful, fun, smart, creative, intuitive a good listener and observant. I really felt like she got me. 

I’ve been inspired and also seen the ropes on how coaching goes. I’ve gotten a nice clear list of things to do so I can keep taking action.

You really put a lot of time and effort into our coaching and I know that you really care. You’ve been able to get even the most whimsy indecisive person on track and making decisions.

I’d highly recommend you (and have!) to any entrepreneur wanting to rev up their business.  – Jill Davenport, Health Coach at Luminary Healing Arts


Hej, jeg er Gita!


Thank you so much for the session and the follow up. I was wonderfully surprised by you understanding me and your wise coaching and support. I now feel so clear, strong and focused – your coaching makes it all doable and not overwhelming. I’m deeply grateful for your enormous help and I will happily report back on my success with my first e-course. Thank you thank you, and lots of love to you. I always will be happy to recommend you as an amazing coach to everyone who needs clarity, support & advice. You are a Godsend! -Gita Gavare, Artist & Mentor



beckyI was hesitant about working with a coach. I didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone, or have to share my insecurities with someone. But every time I got off the phone with Carla I felt at peace and like a load of stress and anxiety had been lifted.Yes, I cried, yes, I had to admit uncomfortable things, but I committed to going into my sessions with wanting to get better and see results, which meant getting out of my comfort zone. So thankfully, Carla took the lead, but at the same time acknowledged the pace I wanted to go in. We made a great team!The thing I realized was that I had to put in the work if I wanted to see results, which I did. That’s why I loved the homework she gave, because it kept me on my path and held me accountable. And results I got.

Carla helped me come up with a plan that worked for ME. She didn’t force information down my throat and never once said this is how it has to be done. She was patient and took the time to explore options that best worked with me, in order to see results. After our work together I always came back to knowing that everything was going to be OK. Also, just talking it out with a kind heart, that is sympathetic and understanding helped me get the unnecessary worries, and anxieties out. .I’d recommend Carla to anyone who is lost and hiding from success. The most important thing…her coaching works!– Becky Villaneda, Author of The Record Store Book & Stories4Women

Before working with Carla I felt trapped in my 9 to 5, indecisive, and full of fear and caring what others might think about my passion project. AFTER working with Carla I feel like a new woman! There’s the obvious externals like being able to leave my day job and having my highest earning week (6,400) ever but the internal shifts are actually even more profound! I have a new head on my shoulders and it is due to our months of coaching. Carla is compassionate, caring, and nurturing. She’s always seeing possibility where others can’t or don’t. She’s resourceful and able to create a way when it seems there isn’t one and I am eternally grateful I took the plunge and hired her.- Corrie G., Graphics Designer
Carla has a knack for getting right to the heart of what’s holding you back in any area of your life. She takes you seriously while simultaneously encouraging you to take your hang ups a little less seriously. I constantly found myself laughing my way through fear and excuses while taking inspired action. Her guidance is practical, but also magically intuitive. I couldn’t wait for each session, and loved the process of creating a bi-weekly action plan which enabled me to progress without feeling overwhelmed.If you’re looking for something spiritual based, but don’t want to eye roll your way through unicorns and crystals then you’re in the right place.– D. Anderson., Creative Consultant/Writer at Unreliable Narrator

blueWorking with Carla helped me land my first big time Hollywood agent and turn my music and acting into a solid source of income. This all within the first 30 days of working together! What’s special about working with Carla is feeling like I have someone in my corner any time I need her.I was afraid of judgement, getting pushed to do or try something I didn’t want to. Since working with Carla I take things a lot less seriously 🙂 When I told her what I wanted in my life, she didn’t so much as flinch. She totally supported my quest and vision – No lectures, no warnings, no parenting or care taking- just a conversation about intentions, actions steps and self growth. There’s NO judgement talking with her.While I know she’s not on call 24/7, I really appreciate that she was easily accessible. Sometimes I just needed to bounce an idea off before sending a big email or going into a meeting. Carla’s coaching is for any woman who wants encouragement, direction, and results! She’ll get you on your path and owning your purpose. Simply put, my life has gotten better since our sessions. Work with her one-on-one while you still have the chance!– Blue Dickson, Musician, Model, Actress

I really wanted to thank you for  today. You really helped me hone my offer. I’m a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and have completed coach training from the Creative Grief Studio and… well, I am just utterly impressed with your coaching skills! You ask amazing questions that really get to the heart of things. Thanks for being there, Carla! – Joan M. Fay www.thruthewaves.com



1st full paying client sighed up today… 

sold 29 books!

with my other clients I have hit $1000 and its only the 11th of Dec!!!

Working with Carla has been a blessing!!

I knew as soon as I spoke to her that she had something big to give.

She is generous and passionate about her work and her work ethic is so professional that it shows though her commitment to her clients.

I will happily recommend Carla to everyone and anyone I meet as she has given me something more than I could ever imagine!

– Nishma Shah www.essentialharmony.net


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