FREE WORKSHOP! How to create & sell your first mini digital product this week!

Six months ago I challenged myself to create my 1st small digital product.

I ran a pre-launch special to my list to make sure it was something people wanted and once I had a few sales in the door I hunkered down for 3 days and finally got THE WHOLE THING DONE.

Fast forward to today and I’ve sold 63 of this ONE “tiny” digital product! WOAH!

It’s been an asset in my biz that has continued to pay off month after month.

…AND it’s given my lovely clients a way to work with me that’s within their biz budget…PLUS a taste of my funnel skillz to those who’ve gone on to become private clients.

Basically… you need a mini digital product in your biz this year.

A small way for new people to get to know you, trust you and pay you before investing thousands to work with you.

Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a free workshop to show you how to get it done.

Even MORE fun that I’ll be co-hosting with my friend Janet Kafadar!

Janet has worked with BIG names in the coaching space and specializes in online education and course creation.

Sign up for the LIVE workshop: SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE!

And if you can’t make it, still sign up so I can send you the replay while it’s up.

We’ll walk you through creating your first mini product and show you how to set up the sales funnel to go with it.

Take 20 seconds and register now: REGISTER HERE TO BUILD YOUR MINI PRODUCT FUNNEL.

See you tomorrow! I can’t wait 😀

Carla xo

P.S. The Recap: Join me + Janet tomorrow to learn how to create and sell a tiny digital product in less than a week. It’s free Larry :p JUST CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

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