Back To Basics [A Personal Post]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has been happening over here and there is SO much I wanna share with you. All personal life stuff. I had my little plans for 2018 and God basically said HA… let me show you who’s running this show.

I’ve been along for the ride of life. Total passenger. Not planning and plotting but really going with the flow. In the last 6 months I’ve had a pregnancy, a miscarriage, a surgery, a break up, an engagement (not in that order) and have been taking care of a physically disabled parent with dementia.

Woah… writing it all together I can see why I’ve not been very active with blogging and being online and hustling.

I wish I could say I’ve had 5 figure funnels working flawlessly in the background on autopilot bringing in beacoup bucks while I’m sitting at yet another dr. office but NOT. Even funnels require work and life has been crazy and I ain’t been working much.

And I dread the feeling like I have to be perfect online and have everything together when I don’t and it’s exhausting. I feel more connected to life and God and people in a deep and profound way. And I’m still going through major changes.

One thing I do when everything feels out of my control is to keep life basics as an anchor to keep me grounded. This past month my daily basics list looks like this:

❤️shower and get dressed – sounds basic but it means uh, getting showered (which if it weren’t on my list I wouldn’t always do) combing my hair, putting on clean clothes that make me feel good, my contact lenses and some lipstick.

❤️meditate and pray – sitting down first thing in the morning and asking for guidance and then listening to what comes, writing it down and then doing it. Many times the guidance is relax and I’m like whaaaat?…and then something falls in my lap or gets taken away and it’s perfect.

❤️clean house – make my bed, wash the dishes, do some kind of upkeep so my home doesn’t become a disaster zone. My home can go from martha stewart clean to level 5 danger zone in 48 hours so I’m working just doing the basics and a little each day.

❤️work and earn – say yes to money and work and gigs and contracts and focus my few work hours a day on things that will earn. Also accepting that a lot of my work has been taking care of my parents and that life has seasons, and so can my business. It’s OK.

❤️exercise – for me this is walking 10,000 steps a day. I’m getting the nudge to add a yoga studio down the street but for now it’s vigorous walking with a good audiobook or spiritual video and my very happy dog.

Now I’m getting back to basics with my business and ready to dive back in as much as life allows. I’ll email you and write whatever feels inspired. And of course my focus is to be of service and help you do what feels right for building a business that suits and supports you.

*** I’ll be creating a little something later this week to help you set your vision, goals and action plan for the last quarter of 2018. ***

Thanks for sticking with me!


Carla xo






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