Your 2018 Game Plan

Hey girrrrl, happy new year!

I hope you had a beautiful break with your loved ones.

Here’s me with my man Nathan and my pup Samson (he’s the flurry ball of motion I’m holding)​. 

It was my first non-single Christmas and NYE in a looooong time and I really cherished every second. We spent a lot of time cooking, hosting, eating and gifting with fam and friends and it was beautiful.

Now, I’m really excited to get back to work and help you all make that money in 2018.​

My theme for the year is “Simple”.

I’ll be working on mastering routines, rituals, boundaries, new habits and anything I can put in place to create order and simplicity. 

I’ve honed in on three cornerstones for helping you (and me) be kick*ss this year.

Cornerstone #1
A morning routine.

This amazing woman told me that if I woke up an hour early and did the following every day for a year I would be unstoppable and have a personal, undeniable connection wIth God. How awesome is that!?

She called it “The Great Experiment”. 20 minutes of prayer and meditation, 20 minutes studying spiritual literature, and 20 minutes on physical activity first thing in the morning, every morning.

I’m one week in and already feel super accomplished by 7am which is a real confidence booster. Plus working from home or being self-employed, the more rituals and routines you can add to your day the better.

Cornerstone #2
A daily connection.

Reach out or respond to someone (business related) at least once a day. This is just such a great foundational practice since business is all about relationships.

Follow up with a consult, check in on an old client, reach out to someone you want to collaborate with, send a personal hello to those who open every one of your emails.

Only takes about 15 minutes most. On weekends why not reach out to family, friends or people in your community just to say hi. Stay connected. We need each other and it makes life super rich.

Cornerstone #3
A weekly commitment.

Being consistent online is HARD! No one says you have to do anything when you’re the boss but having a weekly commitment of any kind means you’re more likely to show up.

Even when you’re overwhelmed, discouraged, fully booked or just want to sit around watching Snapped reruns.

Your commitment could be a weekly mastermind, a content batching day, attending a coaching call for a group you’re in or maybe you want to send your newsletter every Wednesday or Livestream every Tuesday. Whatever it is, pick a day and commit to doing something beneficial for your biz every single week.

Here are a few (non biz) things I’m doing to simplify my life for 2018.

Simplify Trick #1
A big ol’ giant decluttering session

January is a great month to do this. I’m about halfway through this process.

The day I started decluttering I found a 100 dollar bill on the ground. The day after I found a twenty on the sidewalk and that same day a woman I don’t know said she wanted to give me 15 bucks because she thought I deserved it.

Crazy things start happening when you make space.

I love following the KonMari Method (it really is life-changing) but if that feels too big for you, go around your home today and pick up 18 items you no longer, use, need or love to either trash or donate by Friday.

You could even leave them in a box on the sidewalk with a cool note…they just have to be out of the house by Friday.

Simplify Trick #2
A quarterly capsule wardrobe

As someone who has struggled with my weight for years I have soooooo many different sizes in my closet.

I don’t have a ton of clothes but I could definitely use some order in this arena and I want a few quality pieces that fit me amazingly well now as I get back to clean eating and regular workouts.

I’m creating a capsule wardrobe for the next few months and a daily uniform during the week (black leggings, ankle boots, oversized dress and scarf) so I can feel pulled together each day.

Simplify Trick #3
A food plan

Three meals a day and not eating sugar and flour is my go to when I feel overwhelmed or a general sense of unmanageability in my life.

It frees up so much mental space, makes me feel fantastic and my weight returns to its natural setting.

I know what works for me and I get so much clarity when I have this foundation so I’m going back to basics…

I might even kick caffeine again but I don’t want to think about that right now. It’s too upsetting ;P

I’ll be doing new things this year for fun too!

A Monthly Book Club.
Co-Working Coffee Dates.
Live Workshops.
Web Clinics

… and anything else I can share to help you take meaningful action towards growing your online biz.

What are your rituals and plans for 2018? Leave a comment below and let me know what your weekly commitment is!

Thanks for being a part of my community. Here’s to a year full of love and prosperity.

Even if we’ve never spoken I really appreciate you!!

Carla xo


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  1. My rituals for 2018 are similar to yours.

    – Instead of having a morning ritual, I find that having an evening routine sets me up for success the next day. When I follow my evening routine, I get a great night’s sleep, and I wake up refreshed and energized for the next day.

    – I definitely want to do a better job of establishing and maintaining relationships, but I’m not sure if I want to do it daily. More likely batch them on one day.

    – My weekly commitment is to release a new episode of my podcast every Wednesday. So far I’m 1/1. #dontbreakthestreak

    I’m all for a good de-cluttering, so I might go through my clothes and toiletries for thing trash and donate.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Yolanda!

      Love the evening ritual…Writing out my action plan the night before always helps me get more done.

      The daily connect can definitely be done as 5 reach outs, once a week. I’ve tried both and end up doing a combo because people really do respond to personal hello’s.

      One other thing I want to work on is limiting my email check-ins to once in the morning and once before shutting down my computer for the day…oh and shutting down my computer at the end of a work day and not letting it run on into the evening hours.

      Yay for your podcast!! Weekly episodes for the win #dontbreakthestreak 😀

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