New year, doll and I’m already in love.

Numerically 2017 is a 1 year, which signals new chapters, creation, clean slates and fresh beginnings.

That is so my kind of year!

On top of that I’m a 1 AND an Aries (first sign of the zodiac) so new beginnings really make me esssscited.

I know you have big dreams for your life and business this year.

We’re going to make them happen, ok? Can we just decide on that now and get it out of the way? Give me a vocal YES out loud…Good. I hope you’re in public ya crazy lady screaming YES!, ha.

Once you make a decision…the next step is to turn those starry eyed dreams into goals and then break them down into action steps so you have a roadmap that can actually get you to where you’re headed.

I’m going to give you a simple framework to organize the next 90 days of your online biz for maximum results.

We’re gonna focus in on 90 days because you, the market and your business will be in a totally different place a few months from now.

Well… grab a sheet of paper cuz we bout to get your whole self organized. All of you. Even the wobbly bits.

First we’re going to divide your business into two categories.

PROJECTS- defined as having a specific aim or outcome with a firm deadline
ONGOING – repetitive responsibilities you have as an a business owner. Things you do daily, weekly and so on…

Then we’re gonna focus your priorities using two criteria

MONEY MAKING – any activity that is going to result in cash money
LIST BUILDING – any activity that is going to grow your audience


A project by definition is something that has a definite end. I’m going to list a bunch of possible projects you might have on your wishlist for 2017 (and of course feel free to add in your own).

  1. write an e-book
  2. speak on stage/ give a ted talk
  3. launch a podcast
  4. start a fb group
  5. re-design your website
  6. create a digital course
  7. create a sales funnel
  8. host a live event
  9. host a retreat
  10. start your youtube channel
  11. run a challenge
  12. host first webinar/online workshop
  13. host an interview series
  14. host a tele-summit
  15. launch a group program
  16. batch create and schedule content for the quarter
  17. product/service/course creation + validation
  18. complete/implement a course you bought
  19. train your assistant
  20. pitchfest to podcasts and blogs

You’re going to pick your top six and put them in order of importance.

How do you decide what’s important? Easy!

Remember…if it’s something that can A. make you money and/or B. grow your audience it goes to the top of the list.

Bonus priority points if it’s something you already have that you can leverage (like an e-book sitting on the shelf or a cleanse you created but never sold).


Each project gets a 2 week minimum or a 4 week maximum. If you can’t complete the project in 4 weeks it’s too big and needs to be broken down.

The rules are you only get to work on ONE project at a time.

And you start with the first one on your list. Then move onto the next and so on…

So take a look at your projects, determine what kind of support you have or need to execute, look on a calendar at the next three months of your life and see how much time each project is realistically going to take to complete.

Remember! The MINIMUM number of projects you could complete in the next 90 days is three and the MAX you could complete is six. Them’s are the rules, m’kay.

That means 90 days from now at the very least you’d have a published e-book, a money-making sales funnel, and a new podcast…

If each batch was two weeks you’d also have hired your first V.A., a re-designed website and all of your blog content created and schedule for the next three months.


Pick the first project on your list. You’re going to write down all the things that need to happen in order for you to complete that ONE project.

You’re not even gonna think about project number two.

And you’re oooonly allowed to make the task list for your FIRST project.

This list is in no particular order. Just get all the to do’s down on paper so you have the general scope of the project written out.

You can make this in a journal or get super fancy and use something like Asana or Trello.

Once you have your list of to-do’s it’s time to get to work.


5 days a week (or however many days you work) you’ll set aside time to work through your to do list to complete your first project. So if your first project is to write your e-book in 4 weeks then this is the dedicated time to do so.

If you feel overwhelmed on day one – like you don’t know what action to take. Pick one of the actions on your list and ask yourself “Is there anything I need to do before I do this?”

Write down anything that comes up. Each step should be small enough that you could immediately execute it.


PROJECT: Pitch to be featured on 100 blogs and podcasts

TASK: Send pitch email to The Huff Po.

If you think of executing this you’ll see that you need the blogs email addy, to write a pitch email, a subject line, and maybe the article or idea you want to pitch.


Define what the ongoing tasks are for your business.

Ongoing biz responsibilities usually fall under one of the following three umbrellas

  1. sales/marketing – eg: live stream, fb groups, ads, consults, follow ups, weekly blog/podcast/content etc.
  2. biz admin/team management – eg: email, team meetings, web maintenance, book keeping, social media scheduling, etc.
  3. client work and/or customer care – prep work, private sessions, email coaching, etc.

What are you doing each week to market your business, manage your team or make your current clients happy? What marketing activities are fun for you or really get you major results?

Plug in your projects in order of priority for the next 12 weeks. Schedule in daily “project time” alongside your ongoing biz responsibilities.

Oh and make sure you are “selling” something every single month in your biz! Cuz how else you gonna pay your rent, boo? What are you focused on selling in Jan, Feb and March? I like to add that to the top of my calendar as well.



There ya have it! With roadmap in hand, the journey begins…

Of course you can’t just make a roadmap and then go watch the ending of Westworld again because you didn’t understand it the first two times and expect to have money fall into your account.

Nope. You gotta actually do the actions you’ve written out. This is where the rubber hit’s the road.

Action is the giant colander that drains out the wantrepreneurs from the entrepreneurs. Not everyone is cut out for being their own boss. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you really want it…go forth and do the difficult stuff, the scary stuff…putting yourself out there, risking failure, facing resistance head on and rewriting all the B.S. stories you tell yourself to remain in a warm cocoon of comfort.

The reward of transformation and dreams realized is just on the other side.

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Carla xx


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