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I found my first website from 2013 recently. I almost spit out my coffee. The design, the layout, the blogging were a CRAZY mess! It wasn’t even built on it’s own domain. It was something like carlasbusiness.ishardtofind.info

It reminded me that I’ve come a long loooong way. It’s so strange when you forget where you started. It’s kinda like when a building gets torn down in your city and you know there was something there for years but you can’t for the life of you remember what it was. I have this strange mental blank spot when it comes to the origins of my online business attempts…and there have been MANY!

I forget that there was a time when I knew nothing about ad metrics, lead pages, sales funnels and automation. Only by years of practice, teaching and coaching have I grown alongside my business.

Finding a good coach to work with you over several months is so crucial in understanding what it really takes to grow a business online. Once you get the foundational elements in place you’re leaps above the majority of peeps who are still scrambling to figure out how this whole thing works.

The basics

  1. Create something awesome to sell
  2. Build a community of people who need or want what you’re selling
  3. Share your message, story, info, services, value and offerings with that community

Creating a community of people is the #1 way to increasing your income online. I hope you know that. If you are struggling to get clients, sell courses, get people to your workshops or buy your books then growing your list full of people who love what you do is going to have a BIG impact.

You’ll reach more people and if you’re a service provider like me that means more lives changed and transformed.

Having a list is more than just paying clients and customers. It’s a leveraging tool. If you want to reach out to influencers or pair up to collaborate with big names in your industry, having an engaged and robust audience shows that you are consistently creating, building and sharing YOUR business with the world. Which makes you look legit and like you take your business seriously. Like a BOSS.

Everything you do to grow your list IS growing your business at the same time.

They really are one and the same. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or time intensive.

I really want to help anyone who is stuck with the whole list building thing soooo…

I’m putting together a month of FREE trainings, checklists, action plans, workbooks and support to help you focus on growing your list for the next 30 days!


Did I mention it’s free?

Go sign up here and PLEASE share it with a friend. 

List building will change your business. The 30 Day List Building Bootcamp kicks off on Monday, February 22nd!

Click here to sign up now

See you in the challenge!

Carla xo

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