Where To Find Clients When You’re Just Starting Out

You’ve opened the doors to your new business. Maybe you were expecting an influx of clients or maybe you started off with a bang and are now in a serious draught.

Either way, finding clients is hardest when you first hang your shingle as new business owner. You’re starting from scratch and no one really knows who you are.

This is especially true in the online world!

So what do you do when you’re brand new and need to get the money rolling in?

Here are my 5 best tips for filling your roster with new clients! Do one a day for the next month and you will be booked in no time.

1. Start with the people you know – These are the people in your inner circle. Think friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and gym buddies. Give them a call and tell them you are launching your services and thought of them. Let them know you would love to help in any way you can. Don’t be shy. You’d be surprised how many people need what you’re offering and you reaching out is being of service.

2. Branch out to others – Next up is creating a hit list of referral partners. These are small businesses or other service providers in a similar field that you can contact to share your services with. Places like yoga studios, wine shops, design firms, gyms or spas depending on what market you’re targeting. Start with a list of 5 people who could offer your services to their custoemrs and explain to them what you would be offering their clientele. This alone can send a ton of people your way. And if they aren’t able to refer people to you then they can definitely help you with step 3.

3. Get in front of an audience – Yes, most everyone is terrified of public speaking. It’s right up there with death and shark swimming. BUT, if you can overcome your fear and start small, even with a 25 minute talk, you will get your name and brand out there far quicker than others who are in the same industry as you. This is how I built my business and I was SO SCARED during my first talk I thought I was literally going to pee on myself. Seriously! But I felt the fear, (and there was a lot of it) and I did it anyway. You can do this too.

4. Schedule in social events –  I hate the term “networking” but I love being social! So I reframed this for myself and am now passing it on along to you. You gotta get out the house and go talk to people. Business really is all about relationships. People want to work with YOU not just your business. Put at least ONE social event on your calendar each month. Go alone and walk up to someone else and say the following: “Hi, I’m _____. I don’t think we’ve met yet.” The other person will be so relieved you started a convo that you’ll have an instant BFF.

5. Get Online – OK so I saved the best for last. Online marketing is a fantastic way to reach the masses. Considering the whole frickin world is online, running webinars, teleseminars, using social media and guest blogging are all solid ways to grow your audience and your client list. It takes more time to get the ball rolling in this arena which is why I always have my clients do BOTH offline and online marketing when just starting out. And if you have website shame, we can fix that right here. You need a professional looking space online in order for people to feel good about investing in you.

So which one of these are you going to take action on first?

Let me know in the comments below.

Shine bright like a diamond!
Carla xo

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