What’s Your Calling & Why You MUST Follow It

Goodbye female vintage“Your hopes and dreams are glimpses into your future”

My friend Sue loves boats.

She loves sailing, nautical gear, films that take place at sea.

Being on the beach isn’t satisfying enough for her.


She needs to be IN the water and ON a boat.

When I ask her what her deal is with boats (because I could care less if I ever go on one again) she says she doesn’t know but she’s always loved the sea and her dream is to live on a boat and sail the world for months at a time and that nothing would make her happier.

Talking with her made me realize we all have our random list of things we love.

But even more importantly…if something calls to you, it’s part of your calling.

That if there’s something you love or desire, the reason is because it’s meant to be yours.

It’s like the caterpillar being obsessed with butterflies but it doesn’t know that that’s it’s future!

It’s just always had a thing for butterflies.

So basically if there’s some burning desire you have – whether it’s to be a full time writer, make a movie, get married, have babies or move to France – even if there’s no logical reason (especially if there’s no logical reason) why you want what you want,paying attention to that impulse, calling or dream is a direct path to your well-being and happiness.



It holds the seed of one of many things you’re meant to experience, be, do or have in this lifetime.

I’ve always LOVED London. Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to live there. Before I ever stepped foot in that country I just knew that I loved it.

Who knows..maybe I had a past life there as Queen Victoria but everything British just rings my bells.

Even though I’d always dreamt of living there, I never would’ve imagined I’d end up going back to school at nearly 30 years old with a full scholarship and a chance to spend 6 months in London. Couldn’t of planned it but I stayed open to any and all possibilities and said YES when the opportunity presented itself. I gave up my apartment, packed my things and moved in with 4 strangers half way around the world.

It was my personal dream come true.

Again…just one of many!


So what rings your bells? What are you drawn to? What do you love? 

What’s your version of Sue and her boat craziness? (She’s saving for her own watercraft now and very excited)!

Now how can you weave that purpose into your every day life or what are 3 steps you can take to start manifesting your calling?

Remember if you want it, it’s because you are MEANT to have it. It’s already yours.

Plus the journey to “it” is the best part.

Do you have things you love that you can’t explain or a burning desire to create or do something specific with your life?

Share it in the comments below!

Carla xo

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