What No One Tells You About Building An Online Business

I started my first online business back in 2002.
I was a singer-songwriter/waitress, living in NYC and had just finished writing and recording my first album.
I bought a book called “How to make and sell your own CD’s” and followed it to the letter.
I paid a friend 150 bucks to make a website for me.
The background was all black and hot pink.I thought it was so COOL.
I opened a record label (pink ink records), paid a distributor 2 G’s to get 2,000 CD’s delivered to my parents house (thanks mom and dad), then ran to staples for a lot of padded envelopes.
I was in bizzznizzz!
I’d cold call colleges across the U.S. and book my own tours. I’d be my own pretend manager so people would take me more seriously and it totally worked.
I’d even go into chatrooms and forums as my own “fan” and say “ohmygash you really need to check out this singer, she’s ahmahzing”.
I loved making music but I didn’t realize how many other things I’d have to do to make being a musician my fulltime money making gig.
I went from singer-songwriter to singer songwriter/manager/booking agent/roadie/assistant/promoter/salesperson.
It annoyed me that I had to do all those other things just to be able to play music but I didn’t realize that doing those other things was the only reason I was getting paid to play music!!
Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey remember you’re really in 2 businesses.
The business of doing that thing you do (coaching, teaching, writing, designing, music making) and the business of running it so you can make money doing that thing you do (the marketing, branding, networking, sales).
I loved writing and recording songs but it didn’t mean much if I had nowhere to perform and no one there to see it.
Same goes for your services.
Get good at what you do and get good at being a business owner. You need both skill sets to be the wildly successful bad ass business lady you’re destined to be (I’ve made something specifically to help you with this and it’s coming soon).
As you grow you’ll have a team to handle more and more of the biz things but being a savvy marketer and excellent at the service you provide will never go out of style.
Want to see my other biz truths? Watch the video and see the recap below
  1.  There are NO rules

  2. Take risks

  3. You’ve got to find your own voice…and use it to voice your opinion/message

  4. Talk to people…every day

  5. It’s not all first class trips to Paris and 6 figure soirees

  6. Bad days are part of the gig – ugly cry and go see a movie

  7. Don’t look at others.

  8. Be your own expert

  9. Use the principle of leverage

  10. You really can have and do what you want…if you are willing to pay the price

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