How I Went From Zero To 500 To 5K Months

designI’m spilling the beans on my business growth the past few months in hopes that it inspires you to get out there and make some waves of your own.

Ever since I stopped stalling, waiting, thinking and pondering the minutia of my barely existent business I been helping clients and MAKING MO-NAY!!

If you’ve been around these here parts for a while you know that I spent the first 8 months or so of my business in my bedroom…hiding under the covers, wondering why no one was hiring me.

I had a website goshdarnit, what else did they want from me!

Once I got over myself and started getting out there I pretty much instantly booked my first client.

75 smackeroos an hour and I was on cloud NINE!

I had started going to a weekly local mixer and handing out my cards to everyone I met.

My first client was a burnt out attorney and really the last person I ever would’ve thought to be interested in “life coaching”.

Working with that FIRST paying client gave me a big fat confidence boost so I could go out there and market my services even more.

So here’s what worked for me. Give it a whirl. Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.

Tip #1 – I Took My Online Business OFFLINE

Like I mentioned above…I got my first paying client offline.

Meeting face to face the old fashioned way works.

Especially for just starting out.

I also got my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th client this way.

My 6th client was a total stranger online all the way from Australia!

Learning how to effectively market your business online takes time.

If you’re just starting out like I was, see how you can get involved locally, meet new people and get things off the ground that way.

Go to events, talk to folks at Starbucks, tell everyone and their cousin what you do!

I made a list of events and added them to my calendar and got out there.

I also put flyers up promoting my website in a week package and sugar detoxes when that was my thing.

Tip #2 – I Created A Starter List

Yes, you need to have a list of people to offer your services to. Which ultimately means you need to have a website (or squeeze page), a freebie, opt in, mailing list provider and other free content.

If you’re not there yet, then write out a list by hand of all the people you know. Boom!

There’s your list.

Then you gotta have something specific and awesome to offer them.

Tip #3 – I Made  A Tiny Offer

I’d already made around 5k total from coaching my clients on everything from sugar addiction to relationship woes and even coaching couples on communication (part of my training is as an educator of effective communication strategies).

I’d also started doing websites and consulting on the side.

I was literally trying to be everything to everybody because I KNEW I could help!

That’s how you feel when you’re a coach.

But I was also having to create different content and offerings for each person so it was kind of a mess.

Then I launched HBB as a joint side project over an inspired coffee date with a friend last August… and quickly took it over as my main gig because I was in LOVE!

I got to meld my love for visual and verbal storytelling, personal development, spirituality AND my decades of being an artist & entrepreneur all into one cool biz.

So Her Business Boutique was born…

At this point I was ready to bump things up from my hourly coaching, so I created my first mini package called Your Business Jump Start.

It was basically a 60 minute session + a 30 minute bonus follow up + a 30 day marketing action plan with email access to me in between all for the incredible price of 97.00. (I like to end in 7’s for good luck but there’s also some psychology and marketing stuff behind that too).

Anyhoo, it was such a low cost entry point and packed full of value that it was an easy yes for anyone who needed a roadmap for their business along with some accountability.

Think of what you already do, find a way to add a few bonuses to give it even more value and better positioning and then package it up to sell.

Bigger packages are awesome (and a big reason why my income has jumped) but starting small is totally fine. Especially if you want to get experience, testimonials, CONFIDENCE and momentum!

If you’ve already got all that…then definitely go BIG and create a comprehensive program or package for your ideal client.

Real change takes time (hence the longer packages)….but a tiny offer is great for a mini win for both you and your client.

Tip #4 – I Invested & Went Pro

Investing is a necessity in growing a service based business. If you are trying to do everything for free or cheap then how much do you actually believe in your future success?

I adopt the mind frame of where I want to be. Six figure business owner. And then I act accordingly.

I upgraded my list server, scheduler, content, registered my business, hired a book keeper, tax guy AND I just hired my first assistant!

Not to mention, I’ve invested tens of thousands on training, coaching and personal development so I can grow my business, myself and really help the clients I serve.

Investing signals you AND the universe that you are ready to bring your A game!

Hiring my first assistant is a stretch but also I know I need it so I can grow to the next level.

I also just invested with a private mentor & a 5,000 dollar coaching program to learn facebook ads, sales funnels, launch strategies, and how to up my branding game…all things needed, that I know will help me reach my goals this year …(and my lucky clients!)

It’s an investment, NOT an expense, because it will reap a reward and return as long as you do your part. It works if you work it.

Think of it like that and you’ll be good to go!

Oh and if you’re thinking ” Gahhh, I have no money to invest” then ask yourself “How can I come up with $xxxx.00 dollars?” Write those ideas down, take action, and make it happen.

Tip #5 – I Got More Visible

Scary stuff, right?

But the more I got out there both online and off, the more people get the chance to know me, resonate with my unique approach and trust that I’m the one for them.

I started a local meet-up group, posted in FB groups, blogged for The Huffington Post, sent personal reach-outs and have been interviewed numerous times in an effort to get myself out there over the past several months.

Clients keep showing up. Oh and I don’t have a big list at alllll!

Tip #6 – I Talk To People & Follow Up Like A MoFo

If you know you can help someone then it’s up to you to let them know how…and if they show interest it’s also up to you to follow up.

When you’re new, people aren’t necessarily going to be chasing you down. Even when you’re more established the same can be said.

“They” say it can take up to seven personal touches to seal the deal with a new client.

I care about the people I come across and love to check in to see how they’re doing and how I can help.

I genuinely can’t help myself from helping people!! I’m sure you’re the same. But put a price tag on it and get paid for your services.


Underearning is a serious problem for a lotta ladies (myself included) and it’s up to us to value our services AND be able to clearly and effectively communicate that value to those we want to serve.

If the universe puts someone in my path, I trust that I’m the best candidate to help them move forward in business and life so following up is a gift.

True dat!

Tip #7 – I Created A 90 Day Program & Faced My Fear Of SALES

Both pieces are requirements for making 5k a month as a service based entrepreneur.

But I wasn’t really ready to start there.

Once I had clients in my jump start program and they were asking how we could continue…THEN I created a comprehensive program that solved a specific problem.

That became my Build Your Business Bootcamp.

And then I faced a big ol’ fear of  being “salesy” and got potential clients on the phone to see if my services would be a fit and something they’d be interested in signing on for.

Did I do it perfectly? Eh no.

Am I going to win saleswoman of the year award…wellll, not yet!

I fumbled, stumbled and all the rest but I DID IT!

And now I’m not so scared of it.

Oh and I walked away  with new clients from Chicago, Virginia, L.A. and the U.K.

Now the income from my 90 day program, my 30 day jump start and my website in a week package have pushed me over the 5k mark the past 2 months in a row.

Along with all of THAT work, I’ve also been working on my wealth consciousness and improving my success mindset.

Can’t leave out the inner work!

Coaching is a piece of what I do… but really marketing is the business behind my business and I love it.

It takes solid branding, marketing, copy, connection, consistency and a hot offer to make your business soar, no matter what your business is!

If you’re no good at these things then girrrrrl, you definitely need help.

I know I did.

If you want to shorten your learning curve and start making money in the next 90 days then check out my private coaching program here. 

There is nothing like working with someone one-on-one to really create breakthroughs in your business.

I’d love to help you do the same with your talents, gifts and skills.

To 5k months and beyond…
Carla xo

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