Want To Get 5 New Clients In 30 Days?

IMG_1852Well, Helloooo there!!

Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for a good ol’ fashion challenge.

If you feel stuck or confused about how to actually get that first client or make that first sale online we’re gonna change that!

AND if you’ve been hiding out, playing small, procrastinating or completely paralyzed by fear and indecision when it comes to growing your biz…mmm We’re gonna change that too!

Want to get 5 new clients In the next 30 days?

YES? I thought so! 🙂

When I started my online business I had NO clue how people actually “got” clients.

I thought I’d just create a website and people would magically buy.

Of course that never happened!

So I wrote out a simple action plan and became willing to put myself out there (even though I was scared!) and went from zero to 13 paying clients in less than a month.

I’m going to show you my exact strategy so you can do the same.

Now I get to set my own hours, coach 3 days a week and work with the most awesome women around the world (hi ladies!)!

If you’re ready to take the brakes off your biz, try something different and start working with paying clients now then sign up today.

Click here to get registered >> YES, Sign Me UP!

Challenge starts April 1st!!


Carla xoxo

P.S. This challenge works best if you pair up so share this post with 3 fellow lady bosses!

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