The 5 Keys To A 5 Figure Launch

There is nothing like a good challenge to get you focused and into action!

I took part in a 5 day youtube challenge and tried my hand at editing video for the first time.

Here’s what I learned…

1.iMovie is awesome!


2.The task at hand will always expand to the time allotted.

I was always overwhelmed with even opening an editing app on my computer but once I watched a couple of videos on editing basics I gave it a go and am happy with what I was able to create in 2 hours (topic, shooting, editing upload) flat!

Challenges are great (I have one coming up!!!) because they give you a deadline…I could’ve dilly dallied all day long and spent another week trying to make things perfect but the challenge was to do it in one day! So…I got it done (psst. my upcoming challenge is going to be alll about getting stuff done so stay tuned.)

Well without further ado…this weeks video breaks down the 5 keys to having your own 5 figure launch.

Have you tried launching in your biz? What were the results? Let me know in the new FB comments below!

P.S. In September I’ll be hosting a 5 day challenge that will seriously boost yo biz  so make sure you’re on my mailing list! Kids are going back 2 school and you m’dear will be going back 2 werk!

Carla xo

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