Ten Lessons From My Super Rich Lady Boss Friend

Last night I had dinner with the richest woman I know.

And she didn’t marry into wealth, win the lotto or cash in on a trust fund when she turned 21.

Nope. She made her millions by starting a small side business which turned into a full fledged crazy busy biz then bought a book on real estate and started investing for “fun” and is now on her way to being Oprah baller status.

She jets into town a few times a year and we usually just spend the entire time laughing over the most ridiculous jokes – one upping each other with really bad celebrity impressions, (although my Kim Kardashian cry is pretty on point).

This time I asked her to rattle off ten lessons for creating wealth. I even held up a pretend microphone for her to speak into (I’m telling you we’re crazy). Well, here they are:

  1. Get spiritual. Learn to trust in something greater than you and ask for guidance constantly.
  2. Own  your own business. If you have one – grow it. If you don’t – start one this week. Just start!
  3. Create space. Let go of your past and forgive ev-er-y-one, including yourself. List who and what you resent and work on letting it go completely.
  4. Take 100% responsibility for your life. Ties in with #3 – if you’re mad at someone – you’re being a  victim.
  5. Invest in yourself. When she realized she was investing more each month in a car payment than in herself and complaining about her day job, she got rid of her car, lollz. And eventually her day job.
  6. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. If you want something big or even something better than right now – be willing to do things differently and take a chance.
  7. Make as much money as you can today. She focused daily on what she could do to bring THE MOST money into her biz. Imagine that being your top priority when you sit down to work (I loved this one).
  8. Be all in or all out. Don’t half-ass anything.
  9. Say Thank You all day long. From the second your eyes open. Stop complaining – pure gratitude.
  10. Be willing to learn and take action. That book she bought on real estate investing – she read it, loved it and put it on the shelf. It did nothing for her until three years later when she kicked herself into action and decided to do exactly what it said.

All of it takes work. All of it takes effort. But life already takes work and effort so put that energy into creating more of the life you want.

Let’s create something spectacular in your life and business. Your own version of a rich life. I know it’s more than possible – I’m experiencing it and so are my clients. If you feel ready to move up, up, up and never look back then apply for a spot to work with me privately.


Carla xx

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