Swipe This: My secret for getting booked with discovery calls in 60 minutes

So you have an awesome freebie that you’re using to build your list.

Maybe it’s an audio or an e-book or even a mini course.

You’ve put in all that work to create something amazing and you’ve got your landing page up to ensure people opt in with their email addy to grab your freebie .

But adding just one more step to your list building strategy can shift your business dramatically and have you booked with potential clients in no time.

I’ve used this method with my private clients and their discovery call rates go through the roof (we’re talking 75-200 calls booked on their calendars).

Discovery calls need to be a part of your marketing strategy because they help you connect with prospective clients in a way that goes beyond emails and sales pages.

If you’re lacking clients then look at your calendar and see how many discovery calls you have booked this month. None? Well therein lies the problem.

The solution? More discovery calls = more clients.

Plus, if you need to practice your consult skills and doing things like asking for the sale, making an offer and saying your price with confidence, get 10 calls on the books this month and watch how quickly you up your game as an entrepreneur.

So here’s how you’re going to book WAY more discovery calls.

It’s my “Thank You” page formula and here’s what you’ll need to get started.
Time: 60 minutes

  1. A name for your discovery calls
  2. A 60-90 second video with a clear CTA
  3. A link to your online calendar – I use Acuity
  4. One page of enticing copy

This short video will show you how every piece fits together. You can put one of these up in 60 minutes flat!

Watch the video. Set a timer and get to work.

In the comments below I want to hear from you. Tell me…

  1. Do you have a personalized thank you page you use as part of your marketing?
  2. What are you struggling with when it comes to booking clients?

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