Steal This: Three Sales Funnels You Can Use In Your Business Right Now

Hello beautiful,

I thought I’d lay out three popular funnels I’ve used for clients (and myself) over the past year that you can use in your online biz.

I’ve broken them up into levels because one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see women making online is trying to jump to a higher stage of online business before they’re ready.

When you try to skip steps you end up goin’ down.

Before you set the goal of making six figures (when ya haven’t even made 5…or 4…or 3 figures yet) simplify things for yourself and start at level one.

Making $60k a year is a MAJOR milestone as an entrepreneur. Most service providers never get to the full-time level. Level one will give you a solid foundation and make it easier to grow and scale. Master the skill set required before graduating to level two and so on.

I’ll break down what you need at each stage under the templates below.


If you’re brand new to the online game, here’s where to start. This is exactly what I did my first year with Her Business Boutique. You really only need to focus on a few things at this stage.

  1. A FREEBIE THAT ATTRACTS THE RIGHT PEEPS – I created a free magnet (a 30 day challenge) and used social media (specifically facebook groups and facebook ads) to spread the word about my free challenge. You can’t skip this. You need to give people value first before asking them to commit and become customers. And before you do this you need to know “who are my right peeps”? , “where do they hang out online?” and “what do they need help with most?”. If you need help with these things then you can find my 30 day challenge training here where I break it all down.
  2. A PACKAGED “EASY TO SAY YES TO” OFFER (AND A WAY TO SELL IT)– My very first online sale was to a lovely Aussie woman who found me in a FB group. She bought a 97 dollar package I created to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs get clear on their marketing message and into action with a 30 day plan to get out there. She went to my work with me page and bought direct from my paypal link.
  3. A TRANSFORMATIONAL PACKAGE – I wanted to pass out the first time I asked a stranger to pay me $1,000.00 dollars for coaching. The only way I was able to do this was by asking women who had bought my mini package above if they wanted to continue working together in a more comprehensive way. Ladies said yes and without even knowing it, I had my first “sales funnel” in place.




Now you’re just adding building blocks on top of your solid foundation. At this stage you have experience, testimonials, results you’ve gotten for clients and probably referrals if you’re good at what you do.

There are a few things you can do here to leverage your time a bit more.

  1. CREATE A DIGITAL COURSE – I sold 17 spots in my first round of my digital course “Sell Out Your Coaching™”. I created a sales page and sold it before I created it. I never would’ve gotten it done if I didn’t have people who I knew were counting on me. Writing out the sales page was how I knew what content I would include in the course but the actual course creation happened week by week as the course unfolded. I like this method (doing a live round or testing round first) because you’ll learn so much as you go through it with real peeps that your content will be super strong by the end of it…and you’ll have a stellar product that you can sell again and again.2. RUN A GROUP PROGRAM – Again this is all about creating more leverage in your biz so you can work less and make more. Clients who’ve used this as a leveraging tool love it. You can check out a detailed case study of my client Aliya who was a total online newbie and sold out her first group program here.3. GET HELP – I use to be soooo proud of having a super low overhead like “Look ma, I can do this allll by myself” but no! Get help as soon as you can and long before you think you can afford it. If you’re doing things that you can outsource for 10 bucks an hour it needs to go.Set a project (like we talked about last week) to hire or train your first V.A. and get it done in the next two weeks. Upwork, FB groups and referrals from other biz owners are how I’ve found my awesome assistants.



Ohhhh snap! Ya wanna rumble with the bees, huh!?

My client Fabiola Giordani is a great example of a multiple six-figure biz owner and if you poke around her biz you’ll see she has several income streams to make that happen.

There’s no one way to make multiples six figs in your biz though so the above model is just one example.

I’ll be creating a simplified version of this funnel in my biz this year. Maybe you want to stick to private coaching only or you’re ready to switch over to a digital products model. At this point you’ll have the audience size needed to sell more volume so the choice is yours…

You’re dealing with more advanced strategies at this point and here’s what you’re adding in.

  1. SUPA LOW & SUPA HIGH OFFERS –  One of the cool things at this stage is you’re really refining and optimizing things that are already working for ya. Adding in something like a tripwire (which is a super low priced offer you give to people who land on your thank you page) is awesome because you’re turning strangers into buyers right off the bat. I tend to buy from people I’ve bought from before so there’s a whole strategy behind this.
  2. A SIGNATURE PROCESS – The branded unique way you help people. This really lets you charge premium prices and create a suite of products and services.
  3. AN AD BUDGET & LAUNCHES – You can use FB ads and launches at any phase (and I recommend you do) but they’ll definitely be a part of your biz model at this stage. Even evergreen funnels need some kind of ongoing incentive to boost sales. Denise DT just did a great example of this with her course Lucky Bitch by launching a live round for the first time in 3 years.

The only way any of this works is if you have a list of loyal subscribers to make offers to. Without an email list…growing to new levels in an online biz is going to be impossible.

Growing your list is the number one thing you can do to make more money. Period!

And it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how to actually do it.

I’ve got something special coming if you’re serious about growing your list (and having fun while doing it) so stay tuned!

What stage of business are you in? Have you  made your first online sale or are you stuck at level one trying to get to level two? Let me know in the comments below!

Carla xo
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  1. Love big picture breakdowns like this!! For some reason I keep feeling called to start with a group program because I feel the community aspect adds a key element to my work. Would you say this is not the best idea or can it work fine? ❤️

    1. Hi Dana!

      Such a good question! When I’m creating a product, workshop, package or any kind of service – the first focus is what format is going to give this person the best result –so if you think the group element is what leads to the best possible outcome for your client (and you feel like you have a solid process in place) then definitely you can start with a group.

      The only other thing to consider is that you have a list size large enough and/or engaged enough for you to fill the spots in your group (typically anywhere from 1-5% of your list will buy depending on the pricing) so just make sure to look at your numbers so you have a real sense of how many people you need to get in front of to fill the group.

      Last thing…I always like to set range goals so maybe your first group your goal could be to get anywhere from 6 to 12 or 10 to 20 awesome peeps involved….just give yourself some room and go for it!

      Thanks for commenting – happy to see you here!
      C xo

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