Six Reasons You Need To Start Doing Facebook Ads ASAP!


IMG_1744You know the one thing all the big name guru, coaches, teachers and speakers you looove, stalk and watch have in common?

Facebook ads. Yup! They ALL run them… and for good reason.

Facebook ads are the bomb!

The fact that we women entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to affordable advertising is like a gift from God!

You don’t need to be a big name with a billion dollar budget to run FB ads and start making your business profitable.

I started my first campaign with 10 dollars a day and had a new client from the U.K. a week later.

How did she find me? Facebook ads!

Facebook ads have helped me grow my bottom line the past 9 months AND it’s a key topic we’ll cover in depth when Sell Out Your Coaching starts next week (you’re coming right?)! You can find out more and join us right here!

If you’re still not sure about investing in FB ads…Keep reading.


The return on investment is bananas – If you’ve been on one of my live trainings then you know how important it is to look at the cold hard numbers.

Let’s say you spend $300 dollars on Facebook ads in Spetember, you get 150ish new subscribers and start to deliver real value and build relationships with those new peeps.

If even ONE of those people sign on to work with you in a small package of $600 then you’ve just doubled your money. Where else can you spend $300 and make $600?? BANANAS – (and totally scalable)!

It’s an automated way to get in front of your peeps – Once you get an ad up that’s converting, it’s a done deal.

You can turn your ad on or off with the click of a button.

Automation means being able to go shopping while Facebook does the heavy lifting of building your audience. Thanks Zuckerberg!!

Spend less time & make more money – If you work full time while trying to launch your biz, have 19 kids and counting or simply don’t want to spend all of your time networking, pitching and writing guest blog posts or learning SEO, then Facebook ads are for you!

Time is the most valuable resource. You can make more money but you can’t make more time.

Fast track your results – There is ZERO reason to continue to struggle to get in front of the people you’re meant to serve. Whatever your industry. I’ve worked with art teachers, hypnotherapists, branding experts and other non Biz2Biz service providers.

If you have a service to offer, there are people out there who want what you’ve got!

Set a clear goal for the next 60 days, get your ads up and running and start getting new clients in the door or seats sold for your class.

Get booked with discovery calls – Discovery calls are how you get booked solid if you’re offering one on one high level coaching. I’ve had close to 100 discovery calls booked since I started my discovery call funnel in late March. This number would’ve been higher but my calendar would get full before I had a chance to update the new traffic from my FB ad.

Sell out whatever you offer (private coaching or an online course) – It doesn’t have to be private coaching you offer – you can sell seats to your upcoming local workshop or have an ad running to fill your next course.

If 1% of the people who see your offer buy (this is industry standards), then you know you need to get in front of as MANY people as possible.

Running Facebook ads builds awareness of your brand, grows your audience and helps put money in your pocket – all while you get to be out there transforming lives! Yassssplease!!


My list has increased 1000%

My income has doubled… and then tripled.

And my clients have mega results from popping up one little ad.


“Carla is amazing at what she does. After our session together, I had a super clarity on exactly what to do with my Facebook ad. She helped me move my ad from so-so to amazing!! I quickly saw results and a 30% increase in leads in the first week! I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking to learn about Facebook ads and take them to the next level.”

– Maya Gaddie,

Alot of people shy away from running ads because they seem overwhelming, techy, risky or scary.

Knowing how to run ads properly is key to not wasting your dolla bills. That means knowing how to set up your targeting, write compelling headlines, selecting inpiring images and knowing where to drive traffic.

If you’re ready to grow your audience, fast track your results and sell out your coaching then you know what to do.

Go enroll in Sell Out Your Coaching. We start Monday!

I will teach you how to run your FB ads from A to Z and everything that comes before and after so you can make your biz werk!



Have questions about the course? Wonder if it’s a fit?? Email me!

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  1. While I’ve never felt compelled to start a Facebook page for my business, the idea of Facebook ads intrigues me more and more these days. I may have to try them out sometime this year!

    1. Ads are a business game changer, Robyn! Worth the investment and definitely have to have a biz page to run them. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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