Set Your Bold Action Goals For November

Notting Hill colorful housesIt’s a new month!


I’m setting some pretty big stretch goals for myself this month.

One of which is to check in here every day and give you something you can do to move your business forward.

Yep! Every day for the month of November, I’ll be showing up here with a blog post, video, or something inspirational just for you.

Today I’m talking about action goals.

A lot of coaches suggest you set a bold money goal for the month and if it works for you then by all means do it.

I personally find that if I set bold action goals and let go of the results or outcomes then I get to feel good about doing my part and it all becomes a lot less tense and a lot more fun.

I started my own business because I wanted to have fun and do what I love…I have a feeling you started your business for the same reasons.

So here’s how to get yourself up for a stellar November.

1. Grab a clean sheet of paper and at the top write “MY BOLD ACTION GOALS”

2. Check in with yourself and start with the question “If I were fearless, didn’t care what other people thought and simply knew everything was going to go better than I could even imagine, what actions would I take?”

3. Now from that headspace write down 10 actions you can take this month that are bold, meaning a little outside of your comfort zone.

4. Put this paper up on a wall where you can read it daily. This is KEY!! You have to see the list regularly or you will forget all about it, a month will go by and you’ll be in the same place. Our minds need to be “re”-minded over and over again for new information to really take.

What kind of bold action goals can you take this month?

What do you know you need to be doing that you’re not?

I’m doing FREE 15 minute strategy sessions this month (part of my bold action goals) and would love to hop on the phone with you to trouble shoot and offer support.

You can sign up right here!


P.S. If you want to see my long list of Bold Action Goals for November sign up for the Her Business Boutique newsletter above and get all the nitty gritty details 🙂

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