Sales, And Marketing And Self-Promotion! Oh, My!

photoYou want to grow your business.

You want the freedom to do your own thing, call your own shots and make REALLY great money doing it!

Maybe you dream of traveling the world or spending 3 months of the year in Bali.

Well guess what.

You can.

You can have it.

If “they” can…it means you can too.

Aaaaand it comes with a price tag.

The price of admission for the entrepreneurial dream life you want is not 1 million dollars (insert raised pinky and Dr. evil laugh).

No, it’s simply as follows (in no particular order).

Fearless self-promotion

Comfort with sales aka asking peeps “do you want me to help you with that?”

Willing to be visible online and off (including with friends, family, and people who know you in your day to day life)

Knowing exactly what you do, why it’s so valuable and being willing and able to clearly articulate it

Feeling OK and good with marketing

and again…fearless self-promotion

Most women are terrified of self-promotion, sales, marketing even though we’re born naturals at it…think how easy it is to tell all your friends about that new body butter you found at Trader Joe’s.

Telling people about what you do can carry the exact same vibe IF you have a service you truly believe in.

So how do you raise belief in your own ability to deliver as a service provider?

Two ways.

One: Practice and experience

Two: Mindset work

If you’re still shy about “selling” yourself try shifting your mindset to one where you are simply being of service out in the world and then get out there and get more experience doing that thing you do to build your confidence and self-belief.

It will pay off for your business and add to your pocket book.

What is one thing you can do this week to really put yourself OUT there?

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See you tomorrow!

xo Carla

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