Should You Quit Your Day Job?

My last “real job” was waiting tables. It wasn’t all horrible but when I got fired for serving cold chicken to a very unhappy woman, I took it as a sign and a blessing that it was finally time for me to start my own thing (something I had been talking about forever).

Today I’m talking to my bestie about the risk and fears that come up when you’re starting a business and what it really takes to make this whole work for yourself dream fly.

You can listen to our chat here! (Should I start a podcast??)

Did you quit your day job to go full-time? Did you phase out gradually or are you working and building your biz on the side?

Let me know in the comments below!

Carla xo


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  1. I am still working and find it really tough to dedicate the time to building my busieness. I want to come up with a game plan that includes me leaving to go full-time within the year. Congratulations on both of your success. I know it doesnt come easy.

    1. Hi Sarah! I’m a planner by nature so I think giving yourself the room to write out a solid exit strategy is so smart! It’s what will give you the hope and motivation to make the shift happen to full time entrepreneurship. I’d say make sure you have a validated business idea (where you’ve made your first dollar) and grow as much as you can before leaving…I’m still paying off credit cards from those first 18 months but that was my path. Everyone’s is different and it’s all a learning curve.

    1. oooo thanks for listening and commenting. i love interviewing people so i think a podcast is definitely in the cards!!

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