New Direction (And My New Program)

2015-08-28 08.46.31You’ve been on my mind a lot this week! I’ve been trying to write this email all morning but didn’t know where to start.

The long and the short of it? 

I feel like a new woman. And a very different business owner.

Last month I joined a mastermind with 6-figure biz owners and the realizations and breakthroughs I’m experiencing lately are beyond beyond.

In our first retreat I laid out what seemed like unreasonable goals – double my income while working less and not one, but two months of unplugged vacation time each year.

Not possible was my first thought (yikes)…but then again 2 years ago having a location independent business where I make more in a month than I have in previous years seemed not possible too!

Then this question was bluntly asked.

Who would you need to BE and what would you need to DO in order to make THAT a reality?


The answers came flooding in with total clarity (I dare you to give that question a try and see what’s revealed).

No, it didn’t mean wearing pantsuits everyday and carrying a briefcase but it did mean I would treat my time, money and energy with the respect and care they (I) deserve.

The woman with THAT business….mmm she does things a littttle differently.

She is meticulous with her finances – bookkeeper, investments, and files quarterly taxes on time.

She honors and sticks to her daily schedule – wouldn’t even imagine blowing off work to watch Stranger Things with friends (even if it is incredible).

She makes decisions quickly and with total confidence – like the boss she is.

She stays calm, centered and focused even when the inevitable problems that come with owning a business pop up – nope, she knows there’s always a solution and she gets straight to finding it.

The thing that got you to your current level of success isn’t going to be the same thing that takes you to your next level.

For me it comes down to doing things that are new, scary and outside of my comfort zone…yet again.

Being in business is one epic growth journey and I’m sorry for being ok with getting by, not challenging myself for months and basically cruising in comfort. 

But since I want a community and world of kick-butt, action-taking, brave, bold women on fiyahh, well then I have to show up as one too.

So I’m heading in that direction. Everything I create from here on out is to push and support you in making sh*t happen and growing to new levels, Jill.

We really need the ‘I’m willing to do whatever it takes’ attitude to grow.. Change requires it.

Uncomfortable means your growing, which means things are changing, evolving, upleveling. 

When we change, everything changes. That’s frickin powerful!!!

If this new direction doesn’t vibe with you, I understand. There’s a link at the bottom of this email you can click – and you won’t hear from me again.

If on the other hand you’re thinking yesssss I am so ready to make BIG things happen, I just need the support and roadmap to do it, then I want to invite you to check out my brand new coaching package, Maximum Momentum.

This is the program I’ve been perfecting with my private clients – the ones who have 6 figure launches and 13k paydays!

Seriously, I haven’t seen another 1:1 coaching package out there like mine.

Whether you want to have your first 10k month, double your income or get booked solid with clients – this gives you everything you need to get there.

Thanks for being part of this entrepreneurial roadtrip with me!

To new heights…

Carla xx

P.S. If you’re ready to have the high-level personalized support of your own coach and marketing strategies that work, then hop on over here to book a call with me.

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  1. Ummm I am in LOVE with the new Carla. This post is so powerful, inspiring, and kick-ass that it makes me ready to do the same things with my biz. Excited to see what you do next!!

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