My Millionaire Morning Routine + Schedule As A Full Time #BOSS


“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” – Jim Rohn

Being your own boss has major perks.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve had to wake up to an alarm clock, get dressed up in a uniform or fancy work clothes and drive to and from a workplace.

My first year in business I was SO thrilled about this that I pretty much lived in pajamas, sweatpants or yoga wear every day. I woke up whenever I felt like it but I also worked a LOT of hours and every single weekend.

Launching Her Business Boutique was my biggest passion and priority. It was like falling in love...with my laptop.
Obviously that level of romance is not sustainable and after 18 months I started to experience MAJOR burn out.
My excitement had morphed into feeling super blah, bored and disconnected from my biz.
Even the thrill I use to feel about the “work from wherever” laptop lifestyle had started to wear off.

Now I was craving structure, stability and an opportunity to challenge myself in new ways. Basically I’d been coasting and getting by and for someone like me that leads to serious restlessness and discontent.

I knew I needed to do something to turn my energy around.
So I started going in for Reiki every other week by an awesome healer in Venice CA and one of my first assignments was to wake up an hour earlier, start a morning routine and get in some daily exercise (even just 10 minutes).

Here’s what a day in my life looks like now and I feel excited again! I’m reaching new levels of discipline and consistency (my two core words for the year) that have got me feeling GOOD!

Side Note: Finding what’s true for YOU and for your life is one of the bravest things I think anyone can do. It requires tuning out the noise and what other people think. I can see what resonates with me deep inside and as I do that I know… I just know. Ok this is true for me. Right now. At this time in my life. So I’m going to respect my inner wise self enough to listen to that yes (or no) and follow suite. You know...that still small voice….You got to obey or it goes away!
I wake up at 6am. A friend told me she got the divine intuitive hit that if she wants to make a million dollars she needs to wake up at 6am. Hearing her say that struck such a chord with me. I’ve known for years that waking up early is some next level shit. I’ve resisted it because part of the perks of being self employed is not waking up to an alarm! Howeverrrr I also wanted to find my inner ceo and see what she thought of the whole thing. She said wake yo ass up at 6 am. Dont complain and own the power you gain by getting an early jumpstart on your day. My brain operates best in daylight hours!
I eat clean, lean and green. I can’t eat sugar or flour and be a boss. I just can’t. Again my own personal truth and everyone has their own personal truth with food. It’s taken me a long time to get here and I’ve made peace with what is true for my body at this age and stage and for what I want to do and who I want to be. I eat three meals a day, I don’t drink alcohol, sugar or flour and have an on and off relationship to coffee (90% OFF these days). Im not a food natzi and I eat fruit or brown rice or whatever as long as sugar and flour are not the main ingredient. I think clearer, have energy throughout the day and am not obsessed with food like I used to be. Oh and I’ve lost the 23 pounds i gained when i went back to eating the white powdery stuff last year in France...(I blame nutella)
I started working out. Every day at 6 or 7am I walk down the street to yogaworks and get my ass in the class. Even if I think I’ll just lay on the mat the whole time thats ok. Im out of shape. I just am and it’s ok. But again, I want the discipline that comes from doing a real workout at least 3 days a week. Oh and telling thousands of readers this helps me keep my commitment!
Meditation, Visualization, Affirmation. I use to be a law of attraction junkie. It was the center of my world and I saw crazy things manifest in my life. For some reason when I started my business I became very analytical and practical and all about action. That worked too. So now that Im mixing the inner mindset work with my love for taking  imperfect action consistently I feel inspired and excited to see what kind of magic unfolds in my life. I see things unfolding for me and the perfect clients being drawn into my life. My business is expanding and so am I. I’m so happy and in love and all is well. I see it, I feel it and it’s true for me. WOW. Doesn’t it feel good to just mentally read and say that? See it works!
Master my work schedule. This one I am stillllll working on. And if you have tips I am ALL ears like for realz!! Being my own boss means I am the ONLY one who can crack the whip on myself. The days I work with clients Im on point because I have that accountability. Days where I have to create content and write posts and shoot videos I can drag on and clean the kitchen or walk to get coffee with a friend when I hit a wall or resistance and want to stop. I now commit to 6 focused hours of uninterrupted work, 10-1 with a long lunch and back at it from 3-6pm. Me mastering my work schedule is a game changer and the more I work on mastering it the better my work becomes.
Get dressed for work. If my hair isnt combed and I’m wearing my sweat pants I’m 347% LESS likely to record a video or hop onto periscope. Im not saying I wear an evening gown with heels every day but just putting on my day uniform which is usually jeans, leopard flats and a tshirt, with earrings, a red lip and shades makes me feel good. Feel good, look good, do good. It’s important.

The final thing I’m practicing is letting go of comparison and staying OFF social media unless I’m there to help or promo my biz. Comparison is just a soul crusher and I can’t even. So there‘s that. I‘ll probably write a whole post on the comparison thing but for now just to say that I limit my social media exposure to business related activities solely.

What is your millionaire morning routine? What does the super successful CEO you do first thing in the a.m and through out the day to make sure she has the business and life success she desires?
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  1. I’m loving the Miracle morning. Sometimes I don’t want to do it, but I never regret making myself do it, as they day is usually much better as a result.

    1. I love that you’re doing it too Stacey!! The visualization is my favorite part…but honestly the entire process sets such a solid foundation for my day. XO

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