Late Night Paris Vlog

I’ve always loved watching youtube haul vids and my secret dream job is to work for the Home Shopping Network just oooing and ahhing over all the pretty lil’ things.

My site is under construction which has inspired me to put up some videos in the meantime.

Last week was a great case study of my client and her 22k launch and this week I’m just having fun with a flashback I shot in my Paris BnB last December.

Almost 3am and I’m wired and buzzing from a fantastic day of wandering the city and celebrating my second year in biz with purchasing a special present for myself (something I’ve wanted for a decade!!).

Honestly, being able to buy green juice and kombucha whenever I want is my touchstone of a luxurious life…okay and a few other things like bi-weekly hair salon visits  and regular housekeeping.

But there’s something special about buying a luxury item when you did not grow up in luxury. It brought up a lot of money stuff for me (like – uh oh now people are gonna expect ME to pick up the check cuz I got a fancy handbag) and a million more stressful thoughts I didn’t realize were in there about money, wealth, status, luxury, what others might think and so on and on and on.

The good thing about doing something out of your day to day ordinary is it exposes all those thoughts that have been hiding in the closet and brings them up in to the light of day to be looked at lovingly, processed and cleared away.

So here’s my middle of the night video diary love story of a girl …and her bag…in paris… 😄

Do you have any money stuff that comes up for you when you stretch out of what’s comfortable for you? Would love to hear what you think in the comments below.


Carla xx

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