Making Space For What You Want

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1. Complete ALL your incompletes. Make a list of anything nagging at you…anything that’s lingering and unfinished, and just commit to getting it DONE this month.

2. Is there anywhere you owe money or an apology? Clear the air and pay any outstanding debt with glee!

3. Take a full blown emotional inventory and see where you’re holding any resentments. Write names and for each one simply say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” It’s a powerful releasing process called ho’oponopono and it works like magic.

4. Clean out your fridge. Louise Hay says this makes for an instant prosperity boost!

5. Clear out your closet and toss any clothes that make you feel blah.

That’s a damn good start.

Letting go of all the unnecessary, clearing away old energy is like laying out a welcome mat for all the good and new you want to bring into your life.

Try it and let me know?

I’m off to clean my fridge.

Tah rah, xo


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