Make That Money


photoI did something this week and its effect has been pretty profound.

So of course, I had to share.

But first…I want you to take out your wallet.

What’s it look like in there?

Are bills crammed in every which way? Is it stuffed with receipts, old business cards, and random coins from other countries?

Is it old, grimy and kinda dirty?

OK. Well it’s time for an upgrade.

I know you want more clarity, order and space in your life. And maybe some extra cash money for the holidays.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed with clutter and disorder it can be super difficult to even begin getting organized.

That’s why I want you to start small. Super small.

Plus the state of your wallet is SO important. It’s houses your money…your GREEN…your dolla dolla bills ya’all!

So what kind of home is your money living in? Is it in a teeny tiny bachelor apartment or does it have space to grow?

I bought myself a new wallet this week and organized my credit cards, coins, cash and gift cards.

And you know what? Money has started coming in from the most random places. I’ve booked a surprising new gig and got a residual check from a song I wrote 10 years ago!

And ya know, I just feel more put together in general.

I’m loving my new wallet!

It’s the little things I tell ya.

Oh and make sure you straighten your bills and get them all facing in the same direction.


Show it some care and let me know what happens in the comments below.



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