The Million Dollar Cheatsheet

Saw this breakdown today and thought you might like it! 

Or if your goal is 100K…

You sell a $500 course to 17 people a month
Or your $1,000 program to 100 people a year
Or go premium with a $5,000 package to 20 special people

As entrepreneurs we’re FULL of ideas for programs, courses, packages, products.

Join us for Pretty Little List Builders and let’s spend the next 8 weeks focused on getting your offers and ideas in front of as many people as possible!

You’ll also get…

***6 in-depth training modules

***8 weeks of personalized support

***Lifetime access to the templates library

***Weekly action guides

*** Co-working dates for accountability and follow through

***Exciting challenges to help you take action

We start building next week and it’s already an awesome group of smart, legit business women.

It’s gonna be sooooo FUN!

Register here or email me if you have any questions.

Carla xo

“I’ve learned more from Carla in 30 mins than in the 20 hours of online trainings and webinars I’ve watched COMBINED. Her super direct and down to earth approach to the digital marketplace provides so much value…No gimmicks, just valuable and straightforward! I now have confidence in a simple approach to increasing my email list and selling my product online that I know will work seamlessly for me and my growing business. If you have the opportunity to work with her…Take it!”

– Susie Connerley, Hypnotherapist at Susieco .com

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