How To Make A Tiny Digital Product From A to Z

You guys. I fiiiinally did something I’ve been talking about doing forever.

I made a little digital product. Pure passive [-ish] income.

Yep, I’ve branched out into a brave new world…uncharted territories.

An explorer, if you will.

An adventurer… one might say.

Okay, maybe not all that but it IS exciting to create something new.😜
Honestly wouldn’t of done it if I hadn’t started my launch process first.

I’m a big believer in pre-selling and public deadlines (which is what launches force you into).

It’s the only way I get my butt in gear enough to finish something…or even start something.

Luckily my mastermind ladies pushed me into serious action to launch this product I just knew could seriously help people….if I could just sit still long enough to create it!

Consuming information = Fun…easy…enlightening even!

Creating information = Resistance…procrastination…battlefield.

We all know that creation and execution will take you further in biz than all the knowledge and information in the world so 
I want to walk you through how I made this whole thing happen in days in hopes that you’ll do the same.

I kept this super simple (as I think you should for a mini digi product). It cost me zero dollars to create this. ZEEEERO.

Let’s get started!

Your Little Digital Product Needs Six Things:

  1. Outline
  2. Slides
  3. Video
  4. PDF’s
  5. Content page
  6. An automated way to deliver the content or log in information


I always start with the end in mind. What do I want this person to be able to be, do or have when done with this?

That’s the objective.

Then I think what steps will they need to take in order to make that objective happen?

Those are the steps or “modules” of your mini digi product.

The 48 Hour Funnel is a 4 step process and each step builds on the other until viola! You have your funnel finished. Objective/mission accomplished.


Oh. Em. Gina. I didn’t know you could make slides in Canva.

Pretty presentation slides!

I’m not a designer but you don’t need to be with a tool like canva (it’s soooo awesome).

Here’s how I quickly put my slides together.

Then I save the slides as a PDF and pop them under the video for easy access and reference (this can also be used as your workbook).


I then pop into Quicktime and record my screen with the above made slides.


I can even edit out the beginning and ending if needed ALL within QuickTime.

Then I upload the video to either youtube or vimeo. Make sure you mark your video as private or unlisted!

#4. THE PDF’s

Canva (see tutorial above). Or Google Docs.

I used both to create The 48 Hour Funnel worksheets.

I wanted people to be able to easily create their own roadmap and Google docs was the fastest way for me to do that without making fillable PDF’s

I would normally outsource this to Fiverr or my V.A. but even outsourcing takes time, instruction and a turnaround so I just did it myself.


  • Create a page in WordPress (or whatever platform you use).
  • Make it a password protected page (search for free membership plugins or use the page protector included with your website).
  • Upload your media files to the page
  • Organize the page in whatever way you see fit. I like to start with a welcome and then separate the content into steps or stages with the bonuses section at the bottom of the page. 
  • Publish the page
  • Save the link (because this is the link you’ll send in the next step).


To keep things simple I only used Paypal as my payment processor.

I created a separate list in Aweber for anyone who bought the course.

I googled how to link paypal (my payment processor) with Aweber (my list server). The two 
link up so that whenever someone buys the initial delivery email is triggered.

I wrote the delivery email with a link to the content page and the password.

Hey there,

Thanks for getting [name of course]!
Here’s your log-in information:
link to content page


Carla xo
P.S. Hit reply if you have any issues and someone will get right back to ya.


Yeah it’s a lotta steps. But in what other marketplace can you make something for no investment and then pure profit from there? 

“Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.” – Napoleon Hill

Hey! That’s what courses do!

If you know something and are willing to spend the time and effort to organize that knowledge, you’ve got something to sell.

… Once you’ve made your mini digi product you know what you’re gonna need to sell it?

A sales funnel. 


Don’t worry I’ve got you soooo covered!

Done for you templates, a funnel roadmap to sell your mini digi product (and your high ticket coaching) plus a quick training on how to repeat the process again and again for all the different  products and services you offer.

I’ll do another post on how I launched and pre-sold my product and the process I’m using to sell it on autopilot in the coming month.

Will you let me know in the comments what you would sell as a mini digital product if you had to make one in say…July?
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