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Hello dahhhling!

I’ve decided to start an online community over on The Facebook (release the confetti!!).


It’s called #Nextlevelsquad and it’s all about taking your biz and life to new heights.

After debating for eons about whether to start a group or not I’m finally diving in.

It can get SUPER lonely building an online biz when you work solo and all your clients are virtual so I’m really hoping that this community is a way for us all to connect, chat and of course get support and inspiration as we build our little (or big) digital empires!

Here’s where you can join

Pleease make sure to introduce yourself when you join okai! I will definitely respond. I know we’re all in a bunch of groups but I want this to be one where it’s less lurking and more hey, girl, hey.

Cheers to new adventures…


Carla xo

P.S. Here’s that link one more time.

I can’t wait to meet you inside 🙂

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