What I’ve Been Up To Instead Of Working

Summer is gradually coming to a close. It’s been soooo nice to have long days and a slower pace.

To be honest, I haven’t been working much the last few months.

Which means thoughts like these have been on repeat…

Should I be getting more done today?

Am I being lazy?

Is it OK to take another day off this week?

Even though I’m working less, I’m still making my money, taking care of clients and doing what really needs to get done….and it’s enough.

I think we fail to see how much we actually do get done because we’re expected to do soooo much!

The accepted work pace nowadays is kinda insane.

I don’t wanna work hard and I look at the last few months as my personal reprogramming to get out of the mindset that I need to work hard to get what I want or to ensure that I look like I deserve what I have.

So my productivity may be down but my quality of life is way up.

Here’s what I’ve been doing (as guilt free as possible) instead.


So this is technically work-related but there have been soooo many social perks to doing this! I get out of the house. I get showered and dressed. I meet other entrepreneurs. And I get free kombucha…on tap.

In some ways I’m actually more productive by working here but socializing and chatting with other biz owners and firends who pop by is a good chunk of my day. It’s been really nice. A lot less alone time.

Sometimes you focus and work hard together and other times you pretend to work by booking a giant conference room in the middle of a Tuesday so you can all watch Insecure together and discuss. 


I’ve been dating in Los Angeles a looooooong time. I would add about a million more O’s to the word looooong for emphasis if I had the room or patience to type that many O’s just so you could get the point of how many many many dates I’ve been on.

Between Tinder, Eharmony, Bumble, OKcupid, Match dot com, Farmers Only (kidding – I would never survive on a farm), I got pretty good at it. If I was gonna do my hair and make up I was gonna get two or three dates in on the same night (and shoot some vids for my biz while I’m at it). What can I say. Efficient.

And I actually started to have fun!

I got this cute book and started doing what she suggested. I don’t know if that’s what did it but I started having a lot of fun dating. And I met a lot of cool guys.

Then out of nowhere, I met someone special. Yeow!

Who knows what’ll happen but for the meantime I get to annoy all my friends (and strangers) by constantly saying “oh yeah you mean my boyfriend… I think my boyfriend watches that… oh my boyfriend’s been there – youknowIhaveaboyfriendright? – yeah he loves that place”.


Have you heard of this app? It’s basically video messaging/walkie talkie’s and it’s the best!

I was telling my friend to join and she said “Hm… that sounds like snapchat for old people”. HAAA.

She’s probably right cuz I could never figure out snapchat but I am obsessed with marco polo-ing my friends near and far. It’s been such a fun way to check in throughout the day with the people I love.

*Me making my friend polo our other friend and interjecting*


I love interior decorating! If I had unlimited funds I already know exactly what I would do with my place. Currently re-doing my bedroom.

I have all of the below on my bedroom design wish list but it’s gonna take time…

I’m patiently making over my home bit by bit and enjoying hitting up flea markets, selling things I no longer want on LetGo and doing a little online shopping.

Here’s my new bed so far. Got it on Wayfair and I love it.


In my ongoing attempt to improve my relationship with money, I’ve started dipping my toes into investing. I saw an ad for this app called Acorns a few months back and it’s been automatically investing my spare change and a monthly amount I set aside.

I’m slowly learning about stocks and just invested in cryptocurrency too so let’s see how it goes. My millionaire friend said to do it so I’m following her wisdom.

Oh and the Acorns link above is my share link – if you use it it should give you 5 bucks to get your investment account started.


I didn’t own a television for years. That was such a badge of honor (haaa, I don’t know why) but now I really enjoy being in on some of the convo’s and excitement that happens as you get hooked in on a good show and fall in love with the characters.

Insecure on HBO is soooooo good. A million O’s good. It’s everything. Please watch this show if you’re not already and if you are watching what do you think?!

Also how inspiring that the main character started her own YouTube series 5 years ago and it’s led to all this. Oh and she sat on the idea for TWO years before she got her friends together to start shooting so yeah procrastination aka perfect timing happens to all of us.

I’m looking forward to Stranger Things in October, getting a group together to see the remake of IT in a couple of weeks and the most recent Game of Thrones episode has me up at night wondering what they’re gonna do about that dragon.

So that’s my what I’ve been up to instead of working recap.

What do you love to do outside of your biz? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Carla xx

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  1. Love this update, Carla! It’s so fun to learn about what you’ve been doing outside of work. A lot of life happens everyday and it’s OK to indulge in and share about it. We’re all human and we need to take breaks from work. Sometimes, a weekend or even a week is simply just not long enough. I’m also looking at a local co-working space to try out this fall, so I’m glad to see that you love yours. The investing is so smart, too. And, congrats on the new love! People will always be there, even if work isn’t. 🙂

    1. Awww thanks Jessie!! You’re right. It’s easy to never take a break as an entrepreneur but it’s so good for refueling the tank.

      Also…if they have a We Work out in your area I’d definitely recommend! Great co working space and community. Sooooo worth it!

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