I’m Going To Paris…And I’m Taking You With Me

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Work for your luxuries, not your needs. – P. Allen

Do you know the most powerful thing in the world?

Well. I’ve just done it.

I’ve made a decision

And that decision is…I’m going to Paris.

And then I’m taking you with me.

I heard the above quote from my mentor last night and it instantly led me to making the decision to go to Paris next year and to start planning my European adventure.

If you work for your luxuries (spending a month in Paris) your needs will be met by default (ie: the rent and bills will be paid).

Aim higher than for getting your needs met and they will. It’s like a universal law of stretch! Reaching a little higher brings out bigger ideas worth more money in your biz. It’s definitely a win win.

So have you made a decision that you’re going to make your business succeed? Or have you decided that you’re going to create a life of your own design? Have you really, really, reeeeally decided?

If so, what luxury are you working towards? A new house, a new wardrobe, a trip to Bali?

Because once you’ve really made that decision, and drawn a line in the sand cutting off all other options…you are already there.

THAT is how powerful it is to decide.

Decide that you are going to make this work no matter what and it will.

So yeah. I’ve decided I am going to spend the month of May working with my dream clients from Paris & London.

And I’ll be getting everything planned for the first “Passport to Paris” Mastermind Retreat I’ll be hosting there in 2015.

Pssst: Get on the list if you want to be notified when spaces open up.

I know this means I will happily hustling to grow HBB over the next 8 months and that is exactly what I’m going to do. Not planning to do, or trying to do but DO-ING. Like, it’s already done.

If you want the same confidence in your business and are ready to learn the marketing and mindset skills necessary to make more money then sign up for a free consultation to see how we can start working together.

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me.

I’ll see you in Paris xx

Ta ta,


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