Put On Your IDGAF Cape

Clothes_1Building a business takes guts.

The ones who are raking in the big dough have no problemo being visible.

With visibility comes vulnerability.

It’s inevitable and unavoidable.

The thing is we all have different tolerance levels when it comes to being seen.

Those who are born extroverts with a thick skin are going to have an easier time than those of us who are highly sensitive, intuitive types not totally comfortable with the idea of “HAAAYYY, LOOK AT ME!”

But building a business does require you to put yourself out there.

 Of course you get to decide every step along the way how you do this (playful, direct, intriguing,bold?)…

But do it, you must.

You are going to have to put yourself out there and risk being criticized, ignored, watched, and rejected.

Not to worry… I’ve got just the trick to make it a whole lot easier!

There’s a secret to facing that deep fear.

It’s a magical cape. Kind of like the one Harry Potter would wear when he’d disappear, sneaking around Hogwarts totally invisible.

Ohh but this is more like the visibility cloak!!

It helps you to be seen. Super, super seen…by fans and critics alike.

It’s called the IDGAF cape, and if you don’t know, it’s short for I Don’t Give A F#####*!

Whip this cape over your shoulders when you’re about to do something scary.

And basically say “Ya know what… I. Don’t. Give. A. F*******k. I am here to share my gifts and don’t have time to care what Sally or Joe Blow thinks of me.”

“If people can risk their lives on the battle lines then I most certainly can post my offer in that FB group or celebrate my win in an online forum. F*** it! Les roll!”

So try it. Right now. Just put that gold cape on (24 karat, baby) and let it’s magical powers take over.

Use it today and be a little risqué.

Do something that scares you.

I dare you.

xo Carla

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