I do this thing called whatever the hell I want

FullSizeRenderI was walking around the Beverly Center last night, looking for a dress for my birthday, saw this shirt here and thought to myself oh helll yessss!

I need this attitude…and shirt in my life!!! 

When I was a kid I was super bossy and had major balls. And ya know I’d always find or make a way to get what I wanted.

I was a fearless little honey badger with an afro, braces and bifocals and it just never crossed my mind to take no for an answer.

I lived in my own little world and I didn’t care what anyone thought.


Not sure when I started asking permission to be, think, say, do whatever the Heck I want or caring what others think but ugghhh, blahhhh it’s a time suck and a waste.

So as I get ready to turn a year older and start to clear out that which no longer fits my current life (clothes, beliefs, relationships, habits) and prep for a new birth year, I am willing and ready to release my fears and cares around

speaking up 

standing out



being disliked


laughed at

and any other things my mind makes up so I stay at a safe comfortable level.

Such a sweet mind trying to always keep me safe…. but EFF that Shizz  (I’m such a classay laday even my cursing is edited, I can’t help it).

But still! I  need to have this “I do whatever the hell I want” attitude. 

I mean it is MY business and I’m in it to be of service soooo kinda gotta keep putting myself out there. I did not start this thing so I could care all day what other people think (yawn and they are thinking about them, anyway 😏).

And I know a lot of YOU brilliant ladies hold back, overanalyze, second guess and doubt yourselves…

I’m writing this little love note to remind you (and me) that we ALL get to to do this thing called “whatever the hell we want”.

So what do you want to do that you’ve been holding back on?

Do you want to launch that biz, start your own Facebook group, speak in public, publish your own book or do video?!

Whatever it is you reeeeally wanna do… What’s one tiny step you can take this week that pushes you past your edge and comfort zone?

Write it down and do it.

Before I come back next week, mmkay

I’ll see ya then!

Love youuuuu,

Carla xx

P.S. I’m going to give FB live streaming a shot so make sure you like my page

What are you gonna do?

Feel free to visit the blog and tell me over there….You might like this post I wrote all about shameless self promotion

P.P.S. I’m going to have something uber cool to show you next week… and pics from my bday weekend hooray!!

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