How To Stop Procrastinating In Your Biz

It’s springtime here in L.A. and that means every single day is fricking gorgeous, perfect, sunny, fabulous and all I want to do is be outside wandering the boulevards of Hollywood, Silverlake, Venice and other hipster neighborhoods buuuuut I still got me some work to do.

Last week I talked about my new routine and how much I love it but there’s a tinything that still gets in the way on occasion.

Procrastination. It’s this weird middle ground where you don’t do what you really want to do (binge watch House of Cards) and you don’t do what you really need to do (write your sales page) so you just end up scrolling for an hour on Facebook or watching yet another webinar on something you probably won’t do anytime soon.

Procrastination or just not wanting to do things you knowww you gotta do. Things like…

Taxes, Getting Gas, Writing Autoresponders, Exercise, Opening Mail…Things that makes you feel good when you’re done but feel like such an uphill battle to get going.

Today’s video gives you 5 steps to getting over the procrastination hump even when it’s beautiful outside and you’d rather be shopping.

  1. GIVE YOURSELF A DEADLINE – A real one. A date by which said thing needs to be done. Writing this blog posts needs to be done by Wednesday. I want it to be done weeks in advance but sometimes, the deadline is what makes it happen. So give yourself a deadline, first!
  2. GET ACCOUNTABILITY – Publicly announcing that you’ll be doing something is thee best form of accountability since it’s nearly impossible to back out of something once people are counting on it. But really, any kind of accountability whether it’s hiring a coach, joining a mastermind or getting an action buddy. Tell them what you are going to get done that day or week and that you’ll check in once it’s finished.
  3. GET SUPER CLEAR ON THE FIRST STEP – If you want to book local talks and have been saying that for months, sit down and write out what is the very first step. Oftentimes we don’t start something because we don’t actually know where to start…you may be missing out on a few key actions that need to take place before your main to do. Write it out and start there.
  4. FIND YOUR WHY – If you wanna fly, start with why. I just made that up but it totally makes sense. You need a BIG reason for why you’re in business. Something big enough to push you through the times when you feel scared, doubtful, tired or just like throwing in the towel. What’s your mission? And how can you tie that in with being of service in the world and your own personal growth? I think that’s the perfect trifecta of finding a meaningful why.
  5. MAKE IT FUN – Sometimes you just need to play, have fun, relax and/or do something totally frivolous or mindless before you dive into work mode. Playing is built in and allowed when we’re kids with recess and spring break and that part of us doesn’t go away just because we have jobs or businesses of our own. Infusing your personality is one way to make your biz more fun, outsourcing is another way to take things you don’t like off your plate and put them onto someone else’s who is more than happy to support… but honestly there are always going to be things you don’t feel like doing in life and work and it’s more of a mindset thing than anything.
    How do you break out of procrastination?? I’d love to hear your tips or strategies in the comments below.

    Carla xo

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