How To Make A Decision And Take Action Now!

madewithOverYou know what it’s like when you have a great business idea, right?

You’re all gung ho and on fire about this “thing” you’re gonna do and how everyone is gonna love it and it is going to change peoples lives, yippeeeee!

As it comes time to start taking action and putting yourself out there, all of a sudden a funny thing begins to happen.

Indecision. Analysis paralysis. Or my favorite…”Research Mode”.

It looks like this:

“Should I name my business MY name or come up with a business name?”

“I was going to start my website but they don’t have the name I want so should I buy the .net .me .tv version or just wait?”

“I want to write a book but what should I call it and should I write the whole thing and self-publish or should I just write a proposal and search for a book deal?”

This is fear and perfectionism and here’s the solution if you want to stop waiting and start making your business dream a reality.

1. Take messy and imperfect action IMMEDIATELY. Ask yourself “What is the one thing I could do today to move my business forward knowing that I can always change my mind in the future?”. Write down what comes to mind right this second and DO IT. If that means running your first google hangout, starting your newsletter, emailing a leader in your field, jussdoit!! Mmmkay?

2. Acknowledge your fears by making peace with the worst that could happen. Maybe no one responds to your FB post, only 1 person shows up for your call or you get a mean comment and 27 people unsubscribe from your list. Getting cool with your own worst case “You’ll shoot your eye out” scenario frees up the energy for you to drop the fear, release resistance and move forward.

3. Channel your Power Goddess. Oh you don’t have one? OK, well EVERY business owner (really every woman) needs her own power Goddess to channel when she is mired in indecision or fear. I want you to conjure up the most powerful ancient Goddess you can think of (can be real or of your own making) but basically she’s a bad ass warrior who has fought thousands of battles, defended her honor, wouldn’t flinch an eye at naysayers and holds her head high with total confidence and an air of intensity that would send any detractor running. She don’t take no ish! My P.G. is a mixture of the greek Goddess Diana (goddess of the hunt, the moon and birthing) and Madea, yes Tyler Perry’s Madea, because you know she ain’t fraid uh no ghost! I channel these two power house archetypes and I go off about my biznizz knowing I have strength and wisdom inside me that far outweigh self-doubt and fear.

You have access to this power too. It’s inside of you. As Glenda said, “You had the power all along my dear”.

Tap into it and take one step today, especially if it gets you out of your comfort zone.

Tell me in the comments below where you’ve been in analysis paralysis in your life or business and one thing you’ll commit to doing today!

Lots of love,

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