How to create 5 months of content in 10 minutes

content-fastHappy Fall girlfriend!!

I shot this new training video to carry you through these cold autumnal months,

No longer will you have to query nor ponder what to write for your wonderful audience who awaits your content with baited breath.

Alas! You will have content for dayzzzzz!

OK I’ve been reading a lot of classic literature lately but seriously someone asked in my Facebook group for advice on how to come up with content when you’re stuck in a rut (yes you should join my FB group right now) and I laid out the following plan for her to get out of said rut.

It’s a really simple four part process and I threw in some copywriting tips to help you really get things rolling.

Take 10 minutes to answer the following questions and you will have your content plan down. Write out 20 problems in step 3 and you’ll have even have enough content for 20 weeks of blogging or video-ing.

Step 1. Who Is Your Target Client?

Ex: Cindy works with women who want to get fit

Step 2. What Is Your Client’s Most Desired Outcome or Result?

Ex: Cindy’s client Jane wants to lose 25 pounds of FAT!

Step 3. What Problems Does She Encounter On Her Way To Her Desired Outcome?

Ex: She blows her diet on weekends. She eats well all day and then overeats right before bed. She hates cutting vegetables (i mean who doesn’t). She has a real disdain for the gym.

Step 4. How Would You Help Her Solve This Problem?

OK once you know the answer to step 4, ie: the solution to her problem(s)…you’re gonna create content that shares your genius, unique solution to make her life super awesome ahmazing.

Bonus Tip: How to do X so you can have Y is a simple formula for giving your content structure.

Ex: Cindy makes a guide “How To Eat Well On Weekends” . She shoots a video of her fave at home 10 min workouts.

If you know chopping veggies for meal prep is a huge key to your clients success. Instead of writing “How To Chop Veggies Fast”. You can spice things up (pun intended) by using the following copywriting trick.

Bonus Tip #2: Be specific and mysterious (one of my fave copywriting tips)

Ex:The #1 Trick To Losing Weight Week After Week

Specific is saying “The #1 trick”.

Mysterious is that she’s not revealing “hey you gotta chop veggies to be successful”. Nooo she’s framed it in a way to make it mysterious and pique your curiosity so you gotta go read the article because you are dying to know what the #1 trick is!

Watch the video because it will break this all down for you even more.

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Love you,

Carla xo

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