hi from paris…

parCurrently sitting in the corner of this cute little Parisienne bar/cafe on the Rue Saint Honore catching up on work emails and writing you a quick hello…or ‘bonjour’ as they say here in PARIS.
Yeahhhh girrrl, it’s pretty frickin’ cool to be here. 
I’ve always loved traveling. It makes me feel super alive.
Someone told me years ago that I’ve lived several lives (as both male and female) and that all my lives were in different countries so that’s why I feel so excited when I travel. Hee, I’ll take it!
So a few weeks ago, I bought a ticket, packed the tiniest bag ever (like I could win an award I pack so light) and voila, here I am.
I stopped first in London where I have friends and clients but here in Paris, I don’t actually know anyone. 
I love Paris. I think it’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen but I always feel kinda shy and intimidated here. Like I had to work up the guts to come in this chic cafe, ask for a table, sit alone, open my laptop and ask for that wifi code ohkay? Basic shit, but I get shyyyy. And then I know I have to do it.
If it scares you…do it.   
Ahhh but it does take some guts to travel to foreign countries alone, right? 
So far it’s been a nice place to get quiet…reflect on this past year… and start to dream of what I want to create for myself in 2017.
By the time you get this, I’ll either be in Spain or back in London or on my way home to LA.
Four years ago when I was waiting tables  “waiting” to figure out what the frick I wanted to do with my life I woulda never guessed I’d have created this.
My friends in London were asking me to explain what I do so I showed them my website and one of my courses and they were so impressed like “you made this?? you created allll this from nothing!!??” and it made me realize daaaayum, I sure did and it’s something I can feel good about.
The internet is ahmahzing you guys! And having an online biz – most people don’t even know what that is – so you’re closer than you think no matter what stage you’re in, so keep going. 
Building my own business is the most empowering thing I’ve done thus far. 
So in my corner of the universe in the corner of this little cafe I get to connect with you and even if we’ve never met or spoke or had any interaction beyond you reading this email – the internet brought us together….how cool is that?
Paris makes me very philosophical, HA. 
I’m so grateful!! And I haven’t spoken to anyone today so thank you for listening to my cafe musings.
I hope you’re setting aside some quiet time yourself this month to journal, write, dream and plan because the energy for 2017 is gonna be good dontchathink?
Ok ‘au revoir’ for now… I’m off to wander around a bit.
With love from Paris,
Carla xx
P.S. Cool side note…we gave over 500 smackeroo’s to aid in furthering girl’s education in developing countries thru Malala.org. Another amazing thing I couldn’t of imagined doing without this business…and you. So thanks again!!
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