Happy Holidays (And My Year In Review)


Holy Moly, Christmas is on Sunday!!!!

I spent the morning in dangerous territory. The Glendale Galleria…5 days before Christmas. It was complete insanity with long ass lines, cars for dayssss and no parking spaces, but in a weird way that final rush get me in the Christmas spirit.

In the ideal version of me, I send out Christmas cards to everyone I love way in advance, finish all my shopping by July, wrap presents beautifully and spend these winter days baking cookies and making soup in my warm and cozy home, with cider…by the fireplace.

Then I realize I don’t have a fireplace and sit down at my mess of a desk to wrap up work so I can chill for the holidays and spend the next 2 weeks off with my fam and friends.

I don’t know if the idealized me will ever come to fruition but I’ve learned to really embrace actual me.

Waiting til the last minute, buying pre-made baked goods and tearing up my house to find that super cute wrapping paper I bought last year.

And what if I don’t change in the new year?

If I am as I am, can I still create change? Or make something great?

I’ve never been an overachieving type-A personality and I use to put ALL this pressure on myself to really shape up in the New Year. Like I have to be the best.

Ughhhmahhhhgahhhhd it’s sooooo exhausting. And I’m pretty sure it’s what makes people ill.

I’ve taken it the easiest this year and it’s only benefitted me.

The Master acts without doing anything. Reaches without saying anything. Things arise & she lets them come; things disappear & she lets them go. – Tao

I’ve worked less and made more.

AND I had a lot of fun.

I really trusted myself and just took one step at a time. It’s been a really good year.

Saw glaciers in Alaska, hung out with my niece and kiddos in Austin, hosted an in person mastermind with awesome women, spent time with friends in London and worked from Paris and Spain.  

Not a ONE of those things were part of my “plan” for 2016.

I still make plans but I honestly have no clue what next year will bring. Right now I love playing with the thought – “If I were to make the same amount no matter what offers I create – what would I create?”

Building a business requires a LOT of desire. It is definitely not all a walk in a Parisienne park.

I get distracted, hormonal, exhausted, scared, lonely and wonder if I’m doing enough.  I also get excited, creative, confident, happy and do work I’m really proud of with my clients.

You don’t have to be the most organized, productive, responsible, outgoing, brilliant human being ever to create a business and life that works for you.

You can be YOU and there’s enough resources and ways of doing any and everything to go around that we all get to make it what we want. You just have to get super honest with yourself and decide if what you want is really what you want. Like reeallly want it.


Get still. Get real. And carve out a vision for what you truly want to allow into your life in the new year. There’s alot of power in a new year. I absolutely love and honor new beginnings but you don’t have to have an overhaul of your personality to create what you want.

Just start. Small is thee bestest way I’ve found. Start small and it – the thing you’re making – grows itself.

Sending you all the love, joy, success, health and wealth you deserve.

I’ll be back in 2017 with new content to help you get what ya want. A full life, a profitable business, lots of freedom and fun. Let’s do this together.

Exxxxciting! …til then

Happy Chakkakhannukah!!

Carla xx

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