What Does It Mean To Go Pro & How To Do It?

photo 4It’s coming down to the final quarter ladies. The final quarter of 2014!

I’ve been having this feeling of unrest which is so irritating. It’s like there’s a part of me that is ready to GROW and it’s pushing me forward with this sense of discomfort… even though I am doing perfectly fine it’s like “come on…let’s really GET this!”

Over the past 6 months I’ve lost 30 pounds, had my first 10k month (this is a whole crazy story in itself), broken my lifelong sugar addiction and launched my dream business (this one right here :). So yeah I’m doing just fine.

But you know what… there is always MORE. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. My soul is here for constant expansion. It demands that I expand into more love, acceptance, calm, confidence, receptivity, prosperity, joy and abundance.

It also demands that I get over myself and share my gifts and talents with the world. #FealTheFearAndDoItAnywayStyle

So it’s time for me to create the next steps on my personal ladder of growth and see where spirit is asking me to go so I can start waking up feeling challenged, on my toes and inspired!!! The way I feel when I look at a picture of J-Lo, Beyonce or Oprah. Ya know…women who are REALLY doin’ the damn thing.

So this is what’s next for me…

1. Start working out – I walk everywhere but I just know that it’s time to start challenging my body and mind by doing things like Pilates, Yoga, Hiking and Spinning. It is time to go to that faraway place I’ve strolled right past for eons…It’s time to go… to the gym.

2. Clean my home, declutter and create order…including my finances – I’m ready to make more space in my life for new energy to show up and that means getting rid of the old. Old clothes, papers, and basically anything I don’t absolutely love, use or need! I’m going to do a MEGA decluttering session. It feels sooooo incredibly liberating to get rid of stagnant tired old energy. Plus money loves clarity so I’ll also be running my numbers and setting up more of a system for my finances.

3. Look more polished and put together on a daily basis – Well I just got my hair did so there’s one point for me! But I tend to wear the same things (and uggghhhh yoga pants are just SO comfortable). But I know how awesome I feel when I just put an extra 20 minutes into my appearance.Hair combed, make up on, manicured nails, tailored yet comfortable and stylish ensembles. So yeah. That’s up next!

4. Really honor my schedule, commitments and stick to them both – This has to be my biggest struggle. I love the spontaneity of being able to set my own schedule but I know that in order to grow I have got to start really setting and sticking to a schedule. Time management is a total requirement for peace of mind and success. Two things I want more of.

5. Get support – I can’t do any of this alone. No way no how. I know that I need support to make anything happen. I’m going to continue with my mentor and acupuncture sessions but I also am going to hire someone to help with the decluttering. house cleaning and get a part time assistant on board to help manage some of my online work. I always ask myself “How can I come up with the money to hire someone to help me do XYZ?” Ask yourself this question and the ideas will pop right into your head. You can have it all but you can NOT do it all.

So this is my own personal plan. What would your list include?

Going pro is simply about doing YOUR personal best, not comparing yourself to anyone else EVER and staying as close to a state of appreciation as possible.

Sky is the limit for each of us.

What’s next for you? Where do you want to grow, uplevel or get more support in your life or your business?

Let me know in the comments!!



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