Embrace The NO

telefono retrò di colore nero

Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letters N and O.

Putting the two together will serve you well as you get out there and grow your empire.

Saying No requires two skills.

Confidence and self-trust.

The confidence to make decisions and the ability to trust your gut (and thus yourself) that you’re making the right decisions, moment by moment…case by case.

A sound and confident “no” also means letting go of the need to apologize or explain your reasoning.

No is an answer all by itself.

Like Cher.

Or Madonna.

It stands alone.

No apology or explanation necessary.

Ya just say NO.

Try it.


Out loud.


One more time…


Clap your hands.


Double time.


OK you can stop now.

But just think… how easy it’s gonna be to recognize a HELL YASSSS when it shows up.

Here’s to embracing the NO!

xx Carla

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