You Don’t Need A Niche To Get Started

If you feel like you are at a complete standstill, trying to figure out your niche, I want you to stop.

At least stop trying to figure it out in your head.

Because the business in your head is not the same as the one you’ll have when you start taking action and seeing what you like and don’t like

You have to talk and interact with other people regularly in order to get clarity.

Clarity really does come from taking action!

The only way to get clear on your niche is by talking with people (who could be your ideal clients), working with these  people (even if for free at first), and a lot of trial and error to see what you like and what produces results for the people you help.

If you’re willing to get out there and talk to people you’ll be on the fast track to niche clarity. Plus you’ll have a growing network, testimonials and more experience… All things necessary for a thriving business.

Reach out to 3 people today and ask to interview them or offer them a sample of your work.

You got this!!

xx Carla

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