How To Create A Follow Up Funnel & Bank 17K In Extra Income

In January I decided to test out a follow up campaign.

I’ve always heard that 70% of sales happen in the follow up but was too overwhelmed to implement any kind of system consistently.

So at the start of the year I launched this follow up funnel and it’s been steadily paying off month after month.

It’s basically added another layer of marketing to my biz, aside from blogging, social media, Facebook ads, (my favorite client getting activities) and it’s something I’ll do a push on once a quarter for an income boost.

This process works best if you’re already established and have spoken to or worked with a number of people in your niche or industry and are ready to re-establish those connections.

Here’s the breakdown of what I did (with word for word scripts you can use)

  1. Make a master list of ALL past clients and consults (even no shows). 
  2. Start a tracking document in google docs and include name, date, notes, outcome 
  3. Break your master list down into categoriesA) Past clients – anyone who has ever given you a dollar in your biz goes here.

    B) Past consults – people who were a fit and said yes but didn’t follow through.

    C) Past maybe’s – these could be no shows, people who were on the fence, people who engage with you via your newsletter or group but haven’t taken the leap to speak with you or learn more about working together. Basically anyone you think maaaay want to work with you.

4. Send a “what’s up!” email and see how they are, what they’re up to and if they need any help.

If it’s been a long time, that’s ok. Any reason to reach out is a good reason. I used the start of a new year but think about whatever is true for you.

Go ahead and open up an email right now and reach out.

Here’s a sample of what I sent to someone who I’d done a discovery call with over a year ago but never became a private client.

She ended up saying yes and paying in full this time around!

Past Consult Script

Hi Shirley!

I can’t believe this was almost a year ago! How are things going?

I know you were doing a mastermind last we spoke…would love to hear where you are with your online biz and any updates!

Let me know if there’s anything you need help or support with.

Hope all is well and to catch up soon.

Happy New Year!

Carla xo

Past Client Script

For past clients I either offered to hop on a 15 minute call with them to help with one specific thing in their biz or I asked if they would be willing to do an interview with me so I could share their case study or success story with my audience.

Think of a way you could authentically re-engage with your past clients and offer them something of value.

Hey Anna,

Happy New Year! How are you? Life looks good from what I see on FB 🙂 I miss our Skype calls!

I’m planning an interview series with past/current clients and would love to feature you. General questions about being an entrepreneur and building an online biz.

If you’re interested I’ll send over my calendar and we can set up a time.

Either way, would love an update when you have a chance! And let me know if you need anything.

Carla xo

  1. From this point you’re going to have to personalize any response based on what happens next.

One of two things will happen…

You’ll either get:

No response (it happens).

Just cry and cross their name off the list never to speak to them again. Kidding. You’ll actually put in your notes that you didn’t hear back and then follow up again in 3 to 6 months.

A response (yeayyyy).

When this happens – ask yourself what would be the next step for this person and how could you offer them something of value (Again, I love to get people on the phone for a mini coaching/strategy session or to do one of my case study interviews).

You’re just helping and reconnecting at this point. You are NOT selling them on anything unless they’ve specifically asked to get started with you.

Once you know what’s going on their world and you’ve provided some kind of value then you can ask if they need more support or give them a special offer with a deadline (I definitely do this for past clients).

6. Create custom packages – I think this actually makes all the difference. Not everyone is a fit for your publicized offerings. So make something just for these follow ups!

I decided to get really creative and crafted specific packages that served the individual and would be fun for me to deliver.

Once I got clear on what they needed I put together a proposal and just sent over an email with my idea and asked for their thoughts.

No sales page needed.

Sometimes we had a few back and forth’s as we hammered out the details and negotiations.

Some questions to ask when you’ve found your ideal client and want to nudge them towards making a decision.

What do you need to feel confident or comfortable in moving forward?

What needs to be included in this proposal or package to make it an undeniable hell yes for you?

Here’s a template you can personalize with your proposal.

Hey Anna!

Here’s what I’ve mapped out! Let me know your thoughts.

We can…(this is where I give the nuts and bolts of the offer)

Meet for a day long intensive on March 7th.

Priority is… (what they said they most need help with on the call)

Setting up your FB ad, driving traffic to your lead magnet, revamping your sales page

Second is…..(once that’s done – here’s what we’ll get done next)

Mapping out your launch plan for both your existing offer to automate things and your launch plan for your newest offering.

When we’re done you’ll have: 

Bullet point list of what their world looks like when done working with you.

An automated system

An ad you can continuously run as a list builder

A step-by-step launch plan for your team to implement.

Throw in bonuses and recap all that’s included:

Together we’ll set up everything from A to Z and you’ll have an additional month of support/help as things get rolling.

I will also oversee your ads campaign and check all stats across social media so we can see what’s working best.

You can pay in full or if you prefer an extended pay plan it would be – (include payment details)

We can have our kick off session on the 5th but I can get started on a few things the week prior (get them onboard with starting now).

Would love to work with you and help you take xyz to a higher level!!

Let me know your thoughts and we’ll take it from there.

Carla xo

7. Set aside one day a week to look over your notes and send out something when needed. If you don’t want to do this regularly then set up a quarterly campaign!

Why this is ahmaaaazing…

Following up only costs you time.

Launching and FB ads are fantastic but a lot of times you’ll see big numbers like someone making 30k in a day but they spent half of that to make it happen.

Everything from FB ads to an ads manager, copywriting, software, professional videos, online biz manager and assistants eat up a large portion of profit.

When you follow up with people who already know you – you’re only spending time, giving value and possibly booking a new client in the process, which benefits you both!

The best part…

I spent ZERO dollars to make this happen

Does it mean I have 17k burning a hole in  my pocket?

I wish!

I’d be renting us all a yacht in the south of France this week.

But I look forward to the day when that’s my monthly salary and yes you can totally come hang out on my private beach.

All but one are on payment plans that range anywhere from 850 to 1,300 a month so that 17k is spread out over three months.

I know it’s annoying how much people go on and on about hitting six figures but that’s why…

Six figures as a business owner is enough to pay yourself a decent salary, hire a solid team to support you, pay your taxes and invest in things that help you grow your business like coaching, education, and advertising.

I think it’s a good goal when you’ve been in business for a year and have already made 30 to 50k. There are always super star stories in every industry but for majority of people it takes time to get up to that monthly income of $8,333.00.

The difference between making this amount a year ago and today is that now I make sure to only spend a portion of what comes in the door.

Turns out I really like spending money.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my first year in business, any money that came in I would spend it ALL.

Whenever I make extra money I’ve always felt like I have to spend it.

I’m working on that…

I’ve not been the most financially responsible person and I’m really trying to grow up when it comes to money.

I finally started saving which is huuuuuuge for me.

Eventually I’ll start learning about retirement funds and investments…just writing that put a knot in my stomach, so I’ve got some work to do. 

I always assumed I’d marry the heir to the throne of Zamunda (if you get this reference we’re friends forever). 😉

OK that’s the follow up funnel.

Don’t leave this page until you start that master list!

What stops you from following up with people? Overwhelm? Not knowing what to say?

Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Also if you want to join me for a free workshop happening next week on three simple steps to unlimited clients then click here to sign up: REGISTER HERE



Carla xx



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  1. Thank you for the scripts!

    I get held back with follow ups too. because I don’t know what to say. I also had a coach tell me to never follow up! If people want to work with me they will follow up with me. not sure about that lol. I’m ready to give this a try though. Cant hurt.

    Sheryl’s Wellness Adventure

    1. Thanks Sheryl! I love when people follow up with me and have definitely become a client as a result. I figure if it works for me it can work for others too. Definitely give it a try and let me know how things go!

      Carla xx

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