Casual Friday: Lady Boss Style

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I woke up feeling French today.

Imagined walking along the Champs Elyséés with a café au lait in hand and Nina Simone singing in my ear.

I dreamt of hopping on a thin tin bike with a wicker basket and riding off into the horizon to meet chic girlfriends for a very late dejeuner…(of course I speak perfect French in my daydream). Oui Oui!

I pop into Chanel, buy a little something, then stop for Hydrangea ice tea at Laduree before being whisked off by Pierre to hear late night jazz.


So I get out of bed.

I put my red lipstick on and my best Parisienne style stripe shirt.

Press play on my favorite Nina Simone album (Feeling Good) and spritzed on Chanel No. 5.

And you know what?

As I leave the house to start my day…I still feel very very French today.

How do you feel?

Or how do you want to feel?

It’s all up to you…Make it a beautiful.

With Amour,
Carla xx

P.S. Check out the green orbs in my pic. Kinda cool right!

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