Case Study: How Kim Built A 6 Figure Biz While Working Full Time (And Made 24k From One Funnel)


What a week!
Here in the states we’ve just survived election day and whether you live here or abroad it’s been a difficult anxiety ridden time and stress has been at an all time high.When shit gets crazy, (shit just got crazy), I surrender, exhale and hand over everything out of my control to the ultimate power (the power that makes the sun shine) and that ain’t Donald Trump.I only have control over my thoughts (kinda), actions and reactions. I think that’s it. Wow.

And I believe in LOVE. That’s super powerful.

Also…I need to go on a serious media fast!! No TV…. for the next 4 years at least. 😎

But today…I’ve got something uplifting for you.

I’ve got one of my fabu clients Kim McCarter, business and brand strategist, giving the deets on how she grew her 6 figure business while working full time.

I love case studies because they give you an in depth look at the work that goes into creating success (Kim worked full time, took my course, turned in every assignment and ended up banking 24k from automating ONE funnel in our time together – and a lot more since!).

Watch the video below for an inspiring chat on how Kim leveraged her offline popularity in her local market and turned it into her full time online gig.

Check out Kim’s work right here:


THE AD (converted at under a dollar!) Tip: Retargetting ads will always be lower than targeting cold traffic.


THE FREEBIE (we decided to do a 7 day branding challenge)


  • THE OFFER: 1 on 1 coaching for women wanting to make their first 5k
  • THE GOAL: Enroll 6 private clients
  • GENERAL LIST SIZE: Over 1,000 (this grew while running retargetting ads to her 5,000 Facebook fans at the time!
  • FACEBOOK AD SPEND: 25 dollars a day for the month of her funnel launching
  • THE WERK: created her lead page, thank you page, sales page, a 7 day challenge, a 5 part email sequence, sales calls and videos
  • THE OUTCOME: 24k in sales AND bonus income for those who enrolled in her 5K Proift Academy

Want results like these in your biz? Why don’t we set up a time to chat! 2017 can be your breakout year…let’s make it happen!

Questions? Comments? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Carla xoxo

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