Case Study: How Faby Made 13k With One Simple Funnel Last Month

IMG_1722What a weekend! We’ve been having a full on heatwave here in L.A.

Instead of laying around though I ended up doing an impromptu photoshoot here in Hollywood (sneak peak coming soon)…

I ALSO got an email from one of my awesome clients about her 13k launch that I wanted to share.

This is precisely why you need to have a funnel in place!

When Faby came to me, she was struggling with getting more discovery calls and automating the process of getting new clients.

What she WAS clear on was that she wanted to take her business to the next level and get in front of her target market with her latest course.

She needed a real plan mapped out beginning to end and that’s exactly what we did.

We put a solid funnel in place…everything from lead magnet to email sequence.

The results were a 13k month!

And this is only the beginning!

Here’s what Fabiola had to say…

“When I first started working with you I was in the middle of a launch. Your strategic plan and resources helped me take things the next level!

We mapped out a REAL plan, from the lead magnet to the emails. It was so easy.

Working with you has given me a new found confidence, tons of great strategy and guidance. During our 6 weeks together I sold out all of my seats to my signature course, booked new clients and made 13k.

You know your ‘ish lady! You are simply amazing and a phenomenal coach. I can’t imagine my life without you!”

– Fabiola Giordani, Brand Stylist & Business Mentor

THIS is why I do what I do and why I created Sell Out Your Coaching.

Because once you learn how to create one successful’s something you can do over and over for the life of your business.

This means having multiple streams of income.

Imagine being able to create a funnel for discovery calls, for your next workshop or for your digital course!

My mission is to EMPOWER you with the tools needed to get clients, make money and scale your business over time.

Apart from the actual implementing what she learned in our work together, she also did something else that’s been key to her success (and any female entrepreneur’s success).

She committed to stepping out of her comfort zone and taking action consistently and fearlessly.

We’ll be doing just that together in Sell Out Your Coaching!

Entrepreneurs who stay stuck do the opposite. Instead of actually moving forward, they distract themselves with random tasks that keep them busy, but won’t actually help them grow their business.

They aren’t willing to take the leaps required to move forward and get BIG results.

When I look at myself and all the women making money online the thing we have in common is we’re all taking courageous and imperfect action…no. matter. what.

You can get every free training out there but until you have the right systems in place and a real strategy to get in front of clients, having a profitable business will continue to be a struggle.

I’m so confident that the training you’ll receive in Sell Out Your Coaching will make a huge shift in your business, that I wanted to make you a guarantee.

If you enroll in the program, do the work and are not satisfied after our first week together, I will happily refund your money.

You can try the program on me, totally risk free.

I know first hand the huge difference my training has made to my client’s business and lives and want you to have the same results.

The doors to Sell Out Your Coaching are closing Friday night at 11.59pm PST

If you are waiting until you feel 100% ready to invest, you’ll be waiting forever. To get to the next level, you must take a leap. You must get outside of your comfort zone (don’t worry – I’ll support you!).

Fabiola made the decision to invest in herself and the results speak for themselves. By doing so she has transformed her life forever. Not to mention the ripple effect of every single one of the clients she’s working with.

I’m here to help YOU serve the people you’re meant to serve AND to give you the tools and roadmap so you can make your business work online.

Now is your chance to take a quantum leap – with a safety net underneath you.

Join me in Sell Out Your Coaching now to get the bonuses and easy pay pricing plan.

This program will provide you with a method and a process so you can confidently move forward, take action, and be a success doing what you LOVE!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own successful business online, here’s your opportunity to make it happen.

Go here to get registered now.

Carla xo

P. S. If you’ve been thinking about signing up but have hesitations, please email me! I can tell when a program is a good fit or if it sounds like you need something else instead…

But if Sell Out Your Coaching is something that feels like a fit, I’d be thrilled to have you join us!!

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