Case Study: How Aliya Made Over 5K in 2 weeks (with her first group program)

Hello my nearest and dearest!

aliya case study

I’ve got a detailed case study for you today.

I love case studies because they give you an in depth look at the process that goes into something like a launch (and this was a spontaneous mini-launch we pulled together).

Watch the video below for an inspiring chat on how Aliya built her online community from zero to 1,500 strong and leveraged a free challenge into a PAID group program (her first one – making almost 6k in the process) Woo woo!

Then read the details of her launch below…I challenge you to implement even ONE of the following strategies in your business. You’ll definitely see ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.


Making 6k in a couple of weeks sounds amahhhzing but there really is a lot of work that goes into pulling off a launch like this.

Before we started working together – Aliya had her website up for a while but hadn’t fully committed to getting out there and making this business work until she invested in private coaching with me.

Once she did she got on a roll…fast. Investing in yourself really is a great motivator to get into serious action. It puts you ALL IN and kicks everything into high gear!

In less than 6 months she booked her first 9 clients in 9 days (in a new niche), grew a facebook group from scratch to a Super engaged community of over 1100 women, ran 2 successful challenges (500 women signed up for the last one), ran her first Facebook ads, her first webinars, grew her list from 0 to 1000+, AND created, launched and sold out her first ever group coaching program.

Here are the numbers

  • THE OFFER: 6 weeks of group coaching for women ready to get visible online
  • THE GOAL: Enroll 8-10 women
  • GENERAL LIST SIZE: 800-1,000
  • PRICE POINT: 497.00 for early bird price. 597.00 for full price
  • FACEBOOK AD SPEND: 10-20 dollars a day for the month of her launch
  • THE WERK: created a lead page, thank you page, sales page, a 5 day challenge, a 10 part email sequence and vids
  • THE OUTCOME: 11 women said YES and Aliya made just under 6K in sales

Side note: When you tally up your total number in sales, you’ll deduct the ad spend. So in this example at 20 dollar ad spend a day – in one month she spent 600 on FB ads. But you also want to look at the ROI (which is tenfold in this case).

When done right, FB ads can majorly boost your results. Where else can you spend a dollar and make ten?

Here’s what worked to sell out her group program!

  1. She started small and kept it simple

    Since this was Aliya’s first time running a group coaching program we decided to keep things simple.I always have my clients sell their offer/program/course before they create it.There’s zero use in spending months creating a group coaching program that no one buys. I guarantee that once you sell it , you’re butt will be in high gear getting all the materials and modules created in time for the first week.

    Get clear on the result you’ll provide and the roadmap of how you’ll get your clients there. What you teach will be created in it’s full glory after you’ve gotten validation that people want what you’re selling and have paid as proof!

    Lesson: Make a sales page and put your offer out there before you create it.

  2. She ran a FREE 5-day challenge with FB group for community building

    Aliya ran a 5-day Video Visibility Challenge. Shorter challenges are definitely working best for engagement and follow through lately. The more touch points you can have with your audience during a launch the better.

    Everyone who registered for the free challenge was taken to a thank you page that invited them to join the private Facebook group. The challenge was promoted for 2 full weeks before it began.Challenges are so packed with value that it inspired the idea for her group program (No Name To Fame). So yep, you can take a free challenge and turn it into a paid offering.

    Lesson: Create a short challenge and give yourself 1-2 weeks to promote it. Use social media or paid traffic aka Facebook ads

  3. Ran Facebook ads the entire month and tweaked things as needed

    Aliya’s first ad for the free challenge was converting at close to 4 dollars a lead (not good).

    She only had about 40 women signed up and a week left to promote the challenge. So we decided to test a video ad and kapow! It changed everything.Her sign ups went through the roof (close to 500 women) and new leads were now costing a little over a dollar!

    Lesson: Testing is a part of doing ads. Just because something’s not working doesn’t mean you drop it…you just change it and watch your metrics on a daily basis.

  4. Sent 10+ emails to her list in 2 weeks

    Launching means writing emails… lots and lots of emails.

    Yes you’ll get unsubscribes and your open rates may drop while you’re launching but email marketing means just that. Using email to market your services so you can get paid!On top of the emails she wrote for her list, she sent personal invites and follow ups to anyone who viewed the sales page or clicked on the link in any of her sales emails and seemed interested in the program but hadn’t committed 100%

    Lesson: Send more emails than you’re comfortable with and follow up with prospects personally.

  5. Didn’t give up!

    When you make selling your program a non-negotiable so many ideas will come to you on what you need to do next to make it happen.

    Aliya added an additional training, a bonus 30 minute private session, and gave a last minute special pricing plan to hit her goal.Most biz owners have a panic moment in the middle of a launch.Even then, especially then you MUST NOT give up. No matter what.

    You just follow through and finish the launch even if you want to cry because 2 people have signed up and the doors are closing in 48 hours.

    Watch the video to see how Aliya thought of canceling her program and the mindset shift that got her from 2 sign ups to 11!

    Lesson: Commit to taking your actions, trying new things and following through. At the best, you’ll hit your goal. At the worst, you’ll learn a ton for your next launch. So it’s a win win either way.

So there ya have it!

Group coaching programs can be a great way to lead people into your private coaching packages. Plus you get a chance to connect with a posse of ladybosses all committed to the same goal… (stay tuned for a chance to work with me this fall and a small group of action-taking money-making ladies).

I loooove launching. It boosts your profile, grows your audience, your authority, creates hype, buzz and makes selling your services so much easier (and it’s fun).

Have you ever launched anything online?

What was your experience?

Let me know in the comments below.

Carla xoxo

P.S. Make sure to join Aliya’s growing FB group right here.

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  1. Oh. Mah. God. This interview and post are full of so many amazing ideas!

    I love that you got real about what the process was like. Wanting to shut it down when only two people registered / the first FB ad that wasn’t quite right…all of it is so inspiring because you kept moving forward and made it happen. It’s so easy to let those hurdles stop us and want to throw in the towel. I guess that’s why we need a coach, right? To have that bigger vision and keep us moving even when it feels hard.

    Thanks for sharing the BTS of what it’s truly like AND for giving us such great value by sharing your strategy. This so insanely helpful, Carla! (Also, love seeing you on video! You are definitely made for videos, lady!)


      Yeah coaching truly does help with handling the peaks and valleys that are part of being in business.

      I always have a coach!

      Anyone who has the guts to risk putting themselves out there especially during a launch has a freak out moment and coaching keep you in the game.

      Thanks for watching the was so fun to do an interview. I’m definitely going to do a LOT more 🙂

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