Your Business Will Never Work (And Here’s Why)


Your Business Will Never Work (and here’s why)

Ok how does it feel to read that in black and white?

Not good, right!?

We never let other people talk to us the way we talk to ourselves.

You probably instantly felt defensive like, WHAT! How dare she…Yes it will!!  Pfft!

But we have thoughts like this, in the privacy of our own minds, almost daily when starting a business… or anything new actually.

There’s a way to crumble these nasty thoughts down and bust through resistance, inner blocks and fear.

I want you to do this now.

Grab a clean sheet of paper and write down ALL your stressful, won’t work, never gonna make it, not good enough thoughts down.

Leave about 5 spaces under each toxic thought.

Now go back to the top of your list and write down the opposite thought.

THEN, underneath each of those opposite thoughts write down “Proof & Evidence” – these are all the reasons why the new thought is true.

So it looks like this

TOXIC: I’m not qualified to do this
TRUTH: I’m totally qualified to do this
PROOF: Write down at least 3 examples

– I have a natural talent for this work
– People will always get further along with my help than without
-I’ve got certifications, schooling, training and most importantly life experience

TOXIC: This business will never work
TRUTH: This business will definitely work
PROOF: Write down at least 3 examples

– There are other women doing exactly what I want to do successfully
– If they can do it, I can do it
– Most people never even get started…So I’m already ahead of the curve

If you want to break through your current state in business you gotta clean out the toxic thoughts.

You have to believe your business is going to work and that you’re amaaaazing if you want others to do the same.

Write your toxic thought with the turnaround and proof in the comments below.

I would love to hear what goes on in your head…(we all have a negative nancy committee in there) 🙂


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