Best Low-Cost Strategies For Filling Your Funnel

You’ve got a great offer…

You have an email sequence that delivers value, positions you as someone to trust and primes your new prospective client to take action…

You have your sales page and marketing messages woven throughout your entire funnel…

So now what? 


People who need people.

That’s you!

Here’s how you’re gonna get ’em.


A giant email list that knows you and likes your stuff means beaucoup bucks.

But what about those of us who are just getting started online?

I love to play a little game of what would so and so do if they were starting today and I can bet my dollars Marie Forleo or Tony Robbins would totally use this strategy if they were starting their biz from scratch in 2017.

Facebook video ads + custom audiences.

Why this is awesome…

It could take you a couple of years to build a list of 10,000 but with Facebook video views you can get 10,000 people collected into a custom audience for pennies per view in a couple of weeks. Weeks!!

This is such a great way to build brand awareness, get your face in front of new people, warm up cold traffic and give away value for a super low investment like a few dollars a day.

There are a few other low cost ad strategies like look alike audiences and retargetting people who have landed on your website in the last few months but the video views strategy is my fave.

I do have a little something coming Monday that will show you how to set up video ads aaaand I’m even giving you scripts of what to say on video in case the thought of being on screen makes you feel freaked the F out.

In the meantime – here’s a 2 min tutorial on setting up a custom audience of people who have viewed one of your vids.


I’ve done my share of high priced group coaching programs and masterminds.

Some have been OK and some have been awesome but all have introduced me to women I loooooove!

If you haven’t got a network of people to go to for support then it’s time to build your own little online posse.

Make a list of 5 complementary NOT competitive services or products your client would be interested in.

For example…If you’re a weight loss coach – don’t build a clique of weight loss coaches. Instead you could look for an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a yoga studio, online personal trainer and private chef.

Pick people who are in a similar place in their biz and build that relationship so it’s a win win for you both.

If you’ve got a small audience of 300 that’s a good start. But now you can 5x that by sharing each others content or services.

You’re basically tapping into other people’s networks and it’s a lot faster than borrowing someone’s audience through guest blogging.

But since we’re on the subject of guest blogging – you could always do on an online tour. Livestream teach in popular Facebook groups, host joint webinars, pitch your signature talk/topics to several podcasts, blogs, events, summits (and always drive that traffic back to your fab freebie – the one we talked about right here).


Maybe you don’t want to spend money on ads.

Well then you’re gonna have to spend time (I’d personally always pick spending money over time because you can only make more of the former). 

Your time is precious!

I also don’t like spending a lot of time on social media. But I understand this is a fab way to get in front of your people so if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Here’s how.

Pick only ONE platform to focus on and dominate. And then stick to that one platform for at least 60 days before you jump ship and say it doesn’t work.

Hint: Pick the platform where your potential client is most likely to be hanging out.

Sign up for a social media scheduler. That way you can batch create and automate your content for the month. I like SmarterQueu. Here’s my aff link for a free 30 day trial! 

Hire someone on Fiverr to do the sourcing and scheduling of your content.

Set a social media schedule to hang out for an hour a day and be social. If FB groups are your platform – pick two to three, open each up in a separate tab and search the group for people looking for help with your area of expertise.

Act like you would in a real life social environment. Like a party! Share things you love – stories, photos, products, tools. Be curious about the person in front of you, maybe even have fun 😜.

But of course…have your main link go to a squeeze page and not your website cuz even though you’re being social you’re still a boss.

Next week I’ll have a 5-Day Build A Profitable Funnel Series over on my Facebook biz page to help you start setting up systems that bring in money every day. So make sure to like it to get the notifications and replays.

Want To Take Action?

Sweet! Here’s a short tutorial that will walk you through setting up a custom audience of video views.

Work less, make more is the name of the game with sales funnels.

In between now and then, I’ll be opening doors for The 48 Hour Funnel™ an ahmahzing toolkit and workshop I designed to help you build your funnel fast (lots of done for you templates, resources and scripts) – keep your eye out for that because there’s going to be a special, limited-time chance for you to get it for only $67 dollars (but only for a few days, so you won’t want to miss it).

Alrighty then.

Happy Friiiiiidaaaay! XO



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