Five Fast Money Makers

Maybe you forgot to put aside money for taxes (oops) or you want to make a little something extra this quarter so you can get that Clare V. bag you’ve had your eye on all year (yaaaas honey)…whatever the reason you want to bring in some extra cash.

Don’t worry. I got you.

Here are 5 fast ways you can bring money in as a biz owner.

Try one…try all. Make offers. Make money.

Note: All of this is way easier when you have a list so ABLB (always be list building). I’ll be doing a live 8 week bootcamp to help you grow your audience in October so get on the VIP list here if you wanna save when doors open.

MONEY MAKER #1: Run A “Pay What You Want” Promo

Send an email to the people in your community. Use a time sensitive subject line and let them know you have x# of “pay what you want” spots open.

Hey Sharon!

I’ve got something special today!

I’ve opened up 8 pay what you want spots to work with me privately for a 60 minute strategy session. The first 5 people to take me up on this offer get on my calendar so if you’ve been wanting to test out working together now is your time.

Go here: (insert link to your Paypal)

You’ll go into your Paypal and set up the payment link (you can include a minimum pricing start or not).

Easy peasy. You can promote this to your list or send personal invites until all spots have been filled.

Danielle Laporte does this every year for her birthday with The Desire Map.

MONEY MAKER #2: Host A Flash Sale

One of my clients just successfully did this with a bunch of her digital products but this strategy can work whether you sell products or services.

All you gotta do is slash the price because who doesn’t love a good deal!

I’ve done a lot of summer shopping this year because Anthro has lured me in with an extra 40% off items that are already on sale. How dare they!?

But you can totally do the same. Bundle up your products or add in special bonuses to your standard service package and then offer a major percentage off (I’d say at least 30%) for a short period of time.

MONEY MAKER #3: Do A Live Workshop For Under $100

Anything under the $100 dollar mark removes the money objection in most service based markets. Even if you don’t have a digital product to sell you can pre-sell a live workshop to your list, with Facebook ads or on social media.

No complicated sales page or big launch required. Just set a date, get the word out and if anything you can make a mini check-out page with workshop details, a few testimonials and a link to buy.

Here’s a sample of a mini check out page. Also a great thing to throw together if your super long sales page isn’t ready.

MONEY MAKER #4 Create A Pop Up Offer

Do you have an idea for something new you want to sell? A pop up offer is a great way to test out something new in your biz.

Pop up just means temporary. You pop it up real quick (name the offer and define the top 3 benefits for the person you want to sell it to) and then you pop it back down.

Give people a week to sign up before this new service goes away and voila you’ve got a test market and some cash in your pocket.

You can even offer a pop up Facebook group as a cool bonus for those who sign up.

I love when there’s a pop up anything and will go just because of the novelty and scarcity factor. Look at this amazingly cute pop-up cafe that Hello Kitty took on tour. I die.

MONEY MAKER #5 Make Your Money List

Get out a pen and paper and write down 25 ways you can make money in your biz.

Think of every single marketable skill you have, anything you’ve done that at one point you didn’t know how to do and let your money maker imagination run wild.

Will you offer every single one of these? Probably not.

But if you’re ever feeling lack or stress around how ONE launch, offer, client or month in your business is turning out, pull out your money list for perspective because ya know what…

There is always a way to make more money. 

Money is energy and like all energy there’s either circulation or stagnation goin’ on.

And because life is a big paradox you already know that holding tightly to anything is the best way to lose it.  That little mantra goes a long way in creating a more relaxed vibe around cash which helps keep you in the flow.

Which of these money makers would fit your biz best? Let me know in the comments below!

Carla xo

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