5 Day Quick Cash Formula – Emails Included!

Hey ya’all,

I’m really excited to share todays post!

I did an impromptu experiment last week.

Sent four emails to a segment of my list, sold 19 products and made an extra $1,273.

Over a thousand dollars and all I did was send a series of emails. Awe-Some!

I’m gonna give you the breakdown and the step-by-step below.

Sooooo what had happened was…

Back in June I launched my first digital product called The 48 Hour Funnel™.

The launch went well and I was happy to finally have something for instant download.

Fast forward a few months…I decide to run a short 48 hour Labor Day promotion. I sent two emails, lowered the price to $67 (which was also the launch sale price) and boosted my sales for the month. Yaaay.

I’ve been watching a lot of internet marketing dudes and they all say…send more emails.

So I wondered what would happen if I ran the same promo again but with double the emails (4 total) and double the time (4 days).

This excellent marketer turned software engineer Trey Smith came up with the concept, and he sends even more like 12 emails in 4 days… so I’m showing my simplified variation.

Decisions & Doubt
Decisions! Ughh making decisions is one of thee hardest parts of running an online biz.

Because you get to make everything up… All of it. And you never know what decision is going to pan out.

It’s all a gamble…but I’m learning more and more ya just gotta go for it.

I went back and forth on whether it was too close to run another promo considering I just put the dang thing on sale 2 weeks prior but I’ve been pushing myself to market more than usual and thought oh Fuggit. What’s the worst that could happen?

I get zero sales and an abnormal amount of unsubscribes.

Mmm OK.

I was officially willing to live with the WCS… aka ‘worst case scenario’ so I got down to bidness.

Decisions I had to make before running this promo. Pretty sure these questions are what stop most of us from moving forward…
How much should I discount? (30%)
Should I include a personal time bonus? (Yes I want to connect with as many of you as possible)
What time should I schedule the emails to go out? (Try a few different times)
Is it ok that my promo is ending on a Saturday or should I delay the promo? (Yes just do it, never wait)
Should the links go to a sales page or straight to check out? (Sales page)

Should the emails go to my entire newsletter list or just those segmented for my current opt-in that leads to The 48 Hr Funnel? (Segmented only)

Once I made all decisions, it was time to write the emails.

To keep things simple, each of the emails said some variation of the same thing and most of the copy came from my sales page or emails I’d previously sent when I was launching the offer the first time around.

Side Note: Yeah it’s totally okay to use what you’ve got. No one is memorizing my emails or copy and the emails are mainly used as a an inforeminder for the person interested enough to open the promo subject line email.

Here’s all you need to run my 5 Day CA$H MONEY formula!

1. A Special Promotion

Pick an offer (or create one) and make it super special.  Ideally you pick something you’ve sold before and slash the price. I discounted my $97 dollar offer by 30% AND added a personal call to make it irresistible and a hell yeah.

So you’re going to do a discount, offer a limited time bonus, or maybe the offer itself is going to disappear. You can even do all three! When all else fails cut a package price in half or double the value being delivered and move on to step two.

2. Your Discounted Payment Link

Once you know your promo price. Pop over to Paypal and make a button to include either in each of your emails or on your sales page if you have one.

I recommend a sales page even if it’s a mini sales page just to showcase testimonials and a bit more info to those interested enough to click through and view your offer.

If you don’t have a sales page and don’t want to make one then just make sure you tell people to reply to any of the emails with questions so you can do what a sales page usually does (answers questions and overcomes objections).

3. A List of Five Bonuses

Bonuses can make or break the sale so you wanna go a little ‘Crazy Gideon’ and lay out your best stuff.

Think about what else would your client need to maximize results.

What would make it easier for them to implement or what do they need before or after to help them get what your core offer promises? I added a call because I know that any private coaching is insane value for those who purchased during the promo.

4. A Countdown Timer Set to Expire At Midnight On Day Four

Next you’re gonna go to motion mail and set up a countdown timer for 4 days from the day you send out your first email.

These timers can go directly into the emails and you can also add them to the top of your sales pages.

5. Your Four Emails Scheduled To Send

Lastly you need to draft the emails and schedule them to go out. One a day for four days. You could also try a 3 day promo and send two on the last day or stretch this out to 5 days.

Dealers choice.

The reason this works so well is because it’s a short window, a hard deadline, a great deal and irresistible bonuses bundled on top of the offer. So you really can’t miss one of these steps if you want this to work.

The Email

First you need 4 strong subject lines. Usually simple is best.

My subject line “Thank you!” got the highest open rate at 32%

Once you have your subject line, next you’re gonna write the email.

I like to open with a mention of the special offer right at the top.

Sorta like a Pre- P.S.

Subject Line: Thank U, Suzy!

Hiya Suzy!

Until 11:59PM PST Saturday night, you can get The 48 Hour Funnel™ for $67 AND a private sales funnel strategy session with me.

Here’s where you can learn more and grab this bundle for only $67: 


Then I go into the body of the email…I mention why I’m running the promo, what it includes and who it’s for.

Lastly…I lay out each of the special bonuses, include the link to sales page (or checkout page) a few times, end with a P.S. recap of the special offer and seal it off with a client testimonial.


The Results

Emails Sent: Four

Segmented List Size: 693

Open Rates: 32%, 23%, 18%, 20%

Unsubscribes: 18

Products Sold: 19

Conversion Rate: About 2.8% (Industry standard says anywhere from 1-5% of your list will convert when you have an offer)

Cash Money Made: $1,273.00

I think we’ve all been conditioned to scoff at anything under 10k or Six Figures because all you see are the ginormous wins people have online.

I even had the thought…is this worth sharing?

Then I realized… heck yea it is!! There are SO many benefits that go beyond the money made, one of which is I’m starting to take more chances in my biz…testing new offers and pricing and seeing where I want things to go next.

Other benefits to running a a great promo are…

#1 – I only had to write one email, edit it slightly a few times, upload them to my list server. Total time spent for this mini launch? About an hour.

#2 – It’s passive-ish income. I added the bonus call with me so I’ll have about 10 hours of “work” to put in but the product is created and done so there’s no extra work there. I’m SO looking forward to whipping some funnels into shape, connecting with a lot of new people I’ve never worked with and helping more of you put these processes into place.

#3 – When people buy from you once…and you deliver…guess who they feel good about buying from again? You. This is the difference between having a giant audience who never buys what you offer and a business built easily on repeat clients and referrals.

#4 – Running a mini promo is a great way to validate an offer or dust something off your product shelf to bring cash into your biz.

#5 – You can see how this could easily scale. If the offer was $670 instead of $67 with the same amount sold I’d be looking at a five figure launch. All with a list under 700. You don’t need a big ol list of random people. You need a targeted list of people who are committed and want change enough to invest in taking the next step.

Want to see the exact emails with subject lines? Swipe these and use them for your biz today.

The best way to make this email sequence work for you is to have a solid list of interested peeps…and to have systems in place to ensure your community is consistently growing.

I’m putting the finishing touches on some free trainings and my new list building program that launches in October.

If you want an 8 week bootcamp with personalized coaching focused on taking action, getting out there, growing your list and turning strangers into buyers fast then you should definitely get on the VIP list here.

Do you have a list?

If not, what’s holding you back from starting or growing one of your own?

I’d really appreciate hearing where you are with list building as I round out my upcoming trainings…so comment below!

Carla xo

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  1. Yet another great blog post Carla. Thanks, signed up for the email copy because I really love and connect to your writing style. I want to do something like this for black friday!!

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