The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Building A Funnel & How To Avoid Them

Having something for sale that no one is buying suuuuuuucks.

It’s disheartening when you pour your time and energy into creating an offering, maybe you even invest hundreds or thousands into launching, but sales barely trickle in.

Or even worse…

Crickets and tumbleweed.

Before you throw in the towel, let’s make sure you’re not making these common mistakes first, shall we?

Mistake #1 Not Having Free Content That Aligns With Your Paid Offering

If I’m strolling my local food court at the Bev Center and stumble upon an awesome strawberry banana smoothie sample, well 5 seconds ago I wasn’t even hungry but now I’m all primed and ready to buy a 9 dollar smoothie.


Now imagine this smoothie shack then tries to sell me on their Hawaiian Terriyaki Chicken Bowl.

I’d be so confused and a lil ticked off (I’d still eat it but that’s beside the point), like “Dude! You just got me all hungry for a smoothie and now you’re selling me chicken!? What the heck?!”

It’s the same thing with your funnel.

The free thing you’re giving away should make people HUNGRY for the paid thing you’re selling.

Here’s a non-food related example of free content that creates a craving and desire for the paid offering.

My client Tracy is a photographer for female actors and has a $500 dollar headshot package she wants to sell more of.

So first she thinks…What’s a problem this woman may have or something she’d need to know or do before buying my headshot package?

She knows actors aren’t stylist and they probably need help knowing what to wear…especially to attract casting directors or agents.

Awesome! Not knowing what to wear is an obstacle that she can solve.

So Tracy creates a style guide for actresses of the must-have looks for headshots that attract top casting directors and agents.

Why this works…

It solves a problem

It attracts a ready to buy customer (this person is looking to get new headshots)

It leads them nicely into her paid package and if they like her work and she has a simple way for them to buy (we’ll talk about this tomorrow) then she’s got herself a new client.

Mistake #2 You don’t have the right email sequence (or you have none at all)

If you’ve done any kind of online training you know the importance of email marketing. Even if bots are all the rage or everyone is going on about instastories. If you could only do one thing – email is still the best way to create a real relationship with new people.

It’s an audience that you own and gives you the most control.

Every funnel needs an email sequence.

Think of your sequence like the bridge someone needs to cross to go from prospect land to client land.

What needs to happen to ensure they cross over from one side to the next?

They need to know things like:

– Who you are and why should they trust you – you do this through showing your expertise and sharing your story.

– Is it really possible for them to have what they want – encourage and inspire then that with the right information and support it’s more than possible.

– Proof that others were once where they are and have made that change – testimonials or video before and afters

– Having their doubts, concerns and skepticism addressed head-on- maybe they need to talk with you first before buying. Never expect people to hand you thousands of dollars without some thought and discussion first.

– What is the risk and how can you minimize this fear/resistance for them so they can take action.

If you don’t have a series of emails you send out when people opt-in for that free content that leads them to your paid thing, then how will they get to know you or care about what you offer or ever buy what you’re selling.

People don’t land on a sales page and just buy out of the blue.

That’s why every offer needs a funnel engineered to sell more of whatever you’ve created.

Psst…I have some cool templates coming that will show you what to say and when to say it so the right peeps are inspired to buy.

Mistake #3 – You’re Not Giving Peeps A Good Reason To Buy Now

Every funnel needs to have some kind of urgency.

Even if your sales funnel is for something continuously for sale (a.k.a. evergreen) you can always work in special promotions, bonuses or reasons to buy.

You can also build in urgency with software like deadlinefunnel or by running quarterly launches with special pricing or buy now bonuses that disappear at the end of a promotion.

Either way – people need a reason to buy now rather than later…

Procrastination is real!

A funnel is the process that keeps someone moving along towards the thing they know they want. Otherwise why else would they have signed up for your free content.

It’s a chance for a prospect to go from awareness of you and your brand to happy client — but we’re all wired to wait until the last minute which is why launches + funnels work super well together.

Mistake #4 – You’re Giving Waaaay Too Many Options

Every single offer you have needs it’s own funnel.

One offer. One funnel.

Upsells and/or downsells are something that happen once someone has already been sold (so don’t try to add this in as part of your basic process).

Every funnel needs to have one singular specific call to action.

You don’t want to be telling people to click to a sales page, join you in your facebook group and read your latest blog post all in the same email.

Keep it specific and drive all clicks from your email sequence directly to your sales page or content created to do the selling for you. You can also add in links directly to a checkout page if the offer is under $100.

Keep the sales page as simple as possible.

Too many different options, bundles, payment processors or packages are only going to overwhelm your buyer and make them wonder what they really need if anything.

Too much thinking at the point of buying can easily lead to no sale at all.

Keep things as clear, easy and simple as possible.

Mistake #5 – Not Enough People Are Seeing What You’re Selling

Traffic exists. It’s out there. Your job is to direct it. Not create it.

People need to see you, your freebie, your content, your offerings and they need to see it several times.

At least 95% of people who see your stuff are NOT going to buy.

That’s why getting traffic is so important.

Where does your person like to hang out? 

Go there. Often.

If you’ve validated your idea (meaning someone in the world other than your mom has ever given you money for this offer) then the focus switches to getting it in front of more people.

So if you have something valid for sale and you want to sell more, then you have to focus mainly on getting it in front of more of the right people.

Ya gotta have a source of traffic (paid, shared or organic) in order to have an online business that makes money.

I’ve got some strategies to share with you in the next post about how to get more people to see your products, programs and services…

Your Next Step

Is your free content truly in alignment with what you’re selling?

A business with a lame or misaligned freebie will always struggle.

If yes, sweet – we will focus on getting more peeps to see it later this week.

If no – decide what kind of free content you need to create and get it done. If you’re at a loss of what to create – ask someone who fits the profile of your ideal client.

I’ll be back tomorrow with low cost ad strategies to build your positioning and platform.

Talk soon!

Carla xx

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